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Top 10 Christmas gifts for Apple fanbois

We count down the best gifts for your Apple-crazed friends and family
Thu Dec 20 2012, 11:30

WE ALL HAVE that one friend who loves Apple - no matter whether they're obsessed with having the latest Macbook computer or come surgically attached to their shiny new Iphone. 

With such expensive taste, Apple fans aren't the easiest to buy for, so we've provided a handy list of the top 10 gifts for Apple fans this Christmas.

10. Sphero
If you've got money to throw away, and the Apple fan in question is also a big kid, there's no better Christmas gift this year than Sphero.  

Sphero is controlled by your Iphone or Ipad

It's hard to descripe Sphero, as it's fair to say the gadget doesn't really serve a purpose. Put simply, it's basically a ball that changes colour that you can control using your Iphone or Ipad.

While our description isn't exactly great, the device certainly is. It uses some kind of rocket-science maths, or witchcraft, to allow you to drive the device around using your Iphone, which you can do up to 50 feet away from you. Its open API also means you can programme the device with different commands; be it do a figure of eight or roll around in the shape of a smiley face.

What's more, President Obama has supposedly got one, so how much more convincing do you really need?

Sphero is available to buy from Firebox for £99.99

9. Apple Genius t-shirt
This Christmas, why not let your Apple-crazed family member live out their life-long dream, by buying them a replica Apple Genius t-shirt.

If your loved one thinks they know everything about every Apple product that ever was, an Apple Genius t-shirt is the ideal gift, making them feel like a proper, fully-fledged Apple store employee. 

Plus, it's an excuse for you to go to them whenever your next Apple product is on the blink, right?

A fake Apple Genius t-shirt is available to buy from Redbubble for £16.68.

8. Tech21 Impact Band Iphone 5 case
If your Apple-crazed friend values their shiny new Iphone 5 with their life, they'll thank you a thousand times for their Tech21 Impactology phone case - which will protect the device from any nasty falls.

Tech 21 Impact Band Iphone 5 case

Filled with the company's quirky impact-resistant orange goo, the case is one of the only truly 'rugged' cases available on the market. 

If you needed any further arm-twisting, Tech21 tells The INQUIRER that Apple has given its hard-to-get seal of approval to the cases, and has agreed to sell them in its stores.

What's more, the firm appeared on the Jonathon Ross show earlier this year, who proved just how tough Tech21's orange goo really is. 

Tech 21's Impact Band case is available to buy for £24.99.

7. An A-Z Map
Proving that things don't always go its way, Apple this year released its own maps application, which proved a bigger disaster than anyone could have expected

That's why an A-Z Map is the perfect present for an Apple fan this Christmas. Apple fans who have yet to realise that Google Maps is available again in the IOS app store will finally be able to stop pestering passers by for directions. 

The best bit? You can pick up an A-Z Map from as little as £1.95.


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