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Peter Molyneux takes to Kickstarter for God game reboot

Godus is next from 22 Cans
Thu Nov 22 2012, 16:06

GAME DEVELOPER 22 Cans, the firm founded by Peter Molyneux, is at Kickstarter looking for people that want to invest in its next take on God simulators.

Godus appeared on Kickstarter today. It has a month to run, a funding target of £450,000, and so far it's about an eighth of the way there.

If God games have a God that would be Peter Molyneux. He made Populous 22 years ago and he wants to bring the magic back.

This new game mixes Populous with Black and White, throws in some Dungeon Keeper and will let players grade up towards becoming the ultimate God. It sounds and looks like fun.

Molyneux and the 22 Cans team recently released Curiosity, the beguiling tap and tap game that features a cube, patience and unknown spoils for the victor. Between them they have worked on games including Syndicate, Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, Fable, The Movies, Risen, Moshi Monsters, and Sniper Elite V2.

Godus will be immersive and accessible. You can choose to be good or evil and must create your own cult. While you build up your cult and watch your world grow you will have to fight other gods and their cults.

"You get to be a god. In fact, play well and you get to be the ultimate god!" says 22 Cans.

There is a range of investment opportunities, so while a £50 donation will get you a copy of the game and Acolyte status, £5,000 makes you a God of Gods with a host of treats and a guest of honour place at the E3 gaming event. Someone has already donated £5,000, but there are four more God of Gods slots still available. A picture of the God of Gods haul is below.

Anything over £622 gets you a personalised character in the game to assist you on your path to glory, while a fiver gives you forum access. µ



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