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Finnish police raid nine year old girl for ‘piracy’

Winnie the Pooh laptop in custody
Thu Nov 22 2012, 15:08
Concept image representing software piracy

THE FINNISH POLICE reportedly have raided a home in order to search a nine year old girl's laptop and confiscate it.

A report at the Electronic Frontier Finland blog says that CIAPC, the Finnish Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre, was behind the raid and that it follows a request for a cash settlement over alleged illegal downloading.

The story is that the CIAPC sent a man a letter telling him that his internet account had been involved in online filesharing and offering to settle for 600 euros and a signed nondisclosure agreement. The man chose not to follow that advice and was rewarded with police at his front door.

A Facebook post by the girl's father, Aki Wequ Nylund, discusses the incident in Finnish and in detail. Apparently the Finnish police were looking for filesharing evidence that would link the house to a download of an album by local pop sensation Chisu.

The father said he figured that it might have been his non IT expert nine year old daughter who could have attempted to preview the album online. Whatever, she had not, and the pair of them bought the CD from a store the next day.

They were surprised by what happened, as Torrentfreak reports that the daughter's Winnie the Pooh laptop was confiscated and her father said they were told that if they paid the compensation then the whole thing would be forgotten.

He also said that he has always been a paying music fan and has the evidence to prove it.

We have asked the CIAPC to comment. µ


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