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Researchers hit 3Gbit/s in the Terahertz band

There's a lot more room up there
Wed May 16 2012, 18:02

JAPANESE BOFFINS have demonstrated 3Gbit/s WiFi data transmission at 542GHz, part of what is called the Terahertz band.

Researchers have said the so-called Terahertz band, which ranges from 300GHz to just under 3THz, will eventually allow for transfers up to 100Gbit/s, a figure that is significantly higher than the interconnects used in supercomputer clusters. However Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers showed a slightly more modest 3Gbit/s transfer rate at 542GHz, though that was still enough to set a new record in the Terahertz frequency band.

As lower frequency bands are becoming increasingly congested, researchers are looking at going higher up the spectrum. However, as company and university researchers have found, not only is range an issue but so far bandwidth has been relatively low.

According to the researchers, range will be improved by using high-power oscillators and attaching high-gain antennas. While the researchers' work demonstrated only a 3Gbit/s data transfer rate, that is still significantly higher than present WiFi standards.

Previously Rohm held the record for data transfer rate in the Terahertz frequency band, reaching 1.5Gbit/s at 300GHz. The Japanese researchers not only doubled that mark but also went deeper into the Terahertz band. µ


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