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X-ray smartphones could be a reality soon

Use your handset to see through walls
Fri Apr 20 2012, 11:35

BOFFINS at the University of Texas have invented a chip that could enable your phone see through walls, which means that X-ray handsets could soon become reality.

The chip, which was developed using Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology, can detect frequencies in the terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum, the researchers explained.

"CMOS is affordable and can be used to make lots of chips," said Kenneth O, professor of electrical engineering at the university. "The combination of CMOS and terahertz means you could put this chip and receiver on the back of a cellphone, turning it into a device carried in your pocket that can see through objects."

This technology could be used to see through anything from walls to wood, which means the chip could enable your smartphone to detect studs in walls and help businesses detect counterfeit money. Most impressively, the chip could enable doctors to look for tumours without MRI scans or potentially damaging X-rays.

"There are all kinds of things you could be able to do that we just haven't yet thought about," professor O added.

Laying to rest any possible privacy concerns, the researchers said that they have limited the range at which the sensor can work to a distance of less than four inches. µ


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