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MPs want Ipads

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Mon Mar 26 2012, 17:06

UK POLITICIANS are asking for Apple Ipads to help them do their work, cut down on hardware and save trees.

Why the Ipad? Well, why not? If they are good enough for bin men and people that sleep in tents, why shouldn't our MPs have them too? They work hard after all, they deserve a treat.

There is more to it than that, of course, and the BBC reports that the Commons Administration Committee has recommended buying Apple's tablet device because it could save taxpayers money.

This defies logic, we think, but according to the report the logic is that tablets would make it easier for MPs to do their work while saving paper.

MPs must get through a lot of paper, it seems, and a lot of hardware. They already have three desktop computers and two laptops at their disposal, and many probably have Ipads already.

A trial of the Ipad by members of the Administration Committee resulted in savings of several thousand pounds through circulating information electronically rather than by hard copy. How they circulate information at such apparent high cost to the tax payer, we don't know. Some wag suggested that it was by disposable gold pigeons, but we cannot confirm this.

A committee member is quoted as saying that the prospect of getting discounts from Apple for bulk buying are likely to be limited. Shouldn't the UK government have more confidence in its purchasing power? Then again, Apple is a US company.

There's some good news for people who are concerned about the UK economy, though. Parliament is looking at older Ipad 2 models rather than the latest model. This should save some money if the plans come to fruition.

The House of Commons Commission is expected to consider the committee's recommendations in a meeting later today. We hope they will consider one sombre fact, however - there might be an Ipad thief in Parliament. µ


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