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EFF cautions Hollywood on 'piracy' laws

The movie studio moguls are wrong
Fri Feb 03 2012, 10:37

INTERNET FREEDOM FIGHTER the Electronic Frontier Foundation has sent an open letter to Hollywood warning that non-creatives are damaging the industry and calling on the movie studios to kick out the old guard.

The film industry's support of regulations like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) has lead the EFF to contact its members so openly, and it has directly criticised the entertainment industry leaders while calling for everyone else to be more reasonable.

"Dear Hollywood," says the letter that is signed by "The Internet", "You don't need us to tell you that your position on anti-'piracy' laws has been unpopular recently. Last month's historic protests, with millions of Americans registering their opposition, have made that point pretty clear."

Rather than repeat those arguments then, the EFF takes a different tack, and reminds Hollywood that the internet can actually be very good for the creative industries, and should not be treated like an enemy.

"We're writing today to tell you that the Internet can be great for creators and their community, but your own leadership refuses to recognize and take advantage of its promise," it says. "It seems they'd rather spend your membership dues on lawyers, lobbyists and astroturf than innovation."

Nothing about Hollywood's approach so far has worked, says the letter, and it recommends that the present industry leaders either step aside or learn to embrace the internet.

"We humbly suggest that you stand up and tell them to either embrace the age of the Internet or get out of the way so that new, forward-thinking industry leaders can take their place," it adds.

"For one thing, although the studio heads and MPAA leadership claim this legislation is about your jobs, they're curiously silent about the fact that entertainment spending and revenues are up across the board. In the words of one recent study, the sky isn't falling - it's rising." µ


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