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RIAA bangs its ‘piracy is bad’ drum

Wakes up Anonymous with its racket
Wed Nov 30 2011, 12:04

THE MUSIC MAFIAA at the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is amping up its anti-'piracy' howls in the run-up to Christmas and has been at the US Whitehouse banging its drum.

We don't suspect that the President was considering just giving out CD mix tapes as presents this year and needed an intervention, but the RIAA apparently wanted to shout its message about the dangers of counterfeit and copyright infringing products as close to the government's ear as possible.

If you live in the US then, you should prepare yourself for a barrage of radio, print and television advertising.

"The music community is grateful for the heightened attention devoted to the harm caused by the theft of intellectual property. As a community still plagued by the rampant theft of our work, we have seen firsthand the devastating effects this theft can have on the lives of hard-working, passionate musicians, songwriters, producers and countless others," said RIAA chairman and CEO Cary Sherman.

"We're especially grateful for the focus on the plight of musicians as they struggle to be paid for their work. We commend the Administration's continued commitment to preserving music's value, supporting creativity, and its steadfast recognition that meaningful intellectual property enforcement is key to fostering innovation and creating jobs."

Adverts are not the only tool at the RIAA's disposal and it is also petitioning the government to support its blacklist of file and media sharing web sites, including Megaupload. According to reports Megaupload was down for most of yesterday, and according to Torrent freak this is because its domain was seized as part of US anti-'piracy' efforts.

This has earned the RIAA the attention of the hacktivist group Anonymous. "Tango Down: [Temp] for collaborating with the US govt to take down and other 300+ websites," says a tweet from the Anon_Central account as it continues to oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). "#Anonymous is protesting & making their voice heard to #SOPA. What are you up to? Join the #protest."

We've asked the RIAA to confirm what happened but have not had a response. µ


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