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Amigakit announces a £2,000 Amiga desktop for Christmas

Good value, compared to a golden chocolate teapot
Mon Oct 24 2011, 16:53

DISTRIBUTOR Amigakit has announced an Amiga desktop that it claims will be ready for Christmas.

Amigakit has revealed that its Amigaone X1000 system will finally be available for Amiga fanatics by Christmas. We say fanatics because Amigakit has slapped a £1,699 excluding VAT price tag onto the machine and expects punters to fork over extra for an AmigaOS4 license, shipping and handling. Even the options list looks depressing, offering items such as a "Boing Ball" keyboard and mouse, RAM, hard drive and optical drive upgrades.

Amigakit does include some hardware on the Amigaone X1000, such as a Nemo revision 2.1 motherboard fitted with a PA-Semi dual core PA6T-1682M, 1GB of DDR2 RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 4650 graphics card. Coming in at about £2,000 including VAT, it isn't what you'd call competitive against PCs but the firm claims it is a special case.

In a statement, Amigakit claimed, "The AmigaOne X1000 is not like other computers. It is a culmination of efforts by real Amiga enthusiasts and developers to create powerful, modern desktop hardware for the Amiga Operating System." Given the price, we would like to congratulate Amigakit on making Apple's Mac Pro seem positively good value for money.

A Hyperion Entertainment spokesperson said AmigaOS is being prepared for a netbook machine, though no specific details were mentioned.

Amigakit claims the Amigaone X1000 will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, but it's hard to see where the explosive demand will come from. While Amiga has a rich history, given its price the X1000 is unlikely add much to that. µ


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