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French police target an alleged 'cult' web site

Signs of The Times
Wed Sep 28 2011, 11:39

CAPTAIN 'COCKROACH' of the French police apparently is on a mission to investigate the non-profit news archival, research and commentary web site Signs of the Times (SOTT) as an alleged 'cult'.

Madame Capitaine Blattes of the Toulouse Police Judiciaire has allegedly spent six months so far investigating SOTT, its founders and staff over an accusation that they are a 'cult' of esoteric religious nutcases, apocalyptic end-timers or worse.

SOTT said it has opened its books to the police and strongly denied involvement in any cult-like activities or practices, and has pointed out that everything it does is out in the open on the internet. However, the police investigation has continued.

Behind this looms the shadowy MIVILUDES, a French government agency. A video exposé of MIVILUDES is available.

France attempted to ban Scientology, but that effort didn't prevail. We hesitate to speculate why the provincial Police Judiciaire in Toulouse thinks that SOTT might be a so-called 'cult', when even Scientology is not considered to be a cult in France.

The INQUIRER emailed Mme Capitaine Blattes to ask her if she would confirm that there is an investigation of SOTT underway by the Police Judiciaire. We even translated our two sentence inquiry into French for her convenience, but we have not received any response.

SOTT is operated by an inoffensive Polish quantum physicist along with his American wife.

We asked SOTT if it wished to comment, and it sent us a statement, which reads in part:

"The founders and editors of SOTT are accused of being members of a 'cult'. We deny this accusation categorically. Everything that defines a cult is exactly what SOTT's founder and editors stand against, and the evidence for our position is available for all to read on the internet, going back years.

"The founders of and its editors do not have 'beliefs'. SOTT, in fact, encourages its editors, writers and visitors to question everything, believe nothing, do research, and think critically. SOTT is a project of the Quantum Future Group set up to support scientific research. SOTT's founders base their work on the scientific method - observation, analysis, testing where possible - and do not claim special access to Truth. SOTT works very hard to exclude errors from its data and we think that our work for the past nine years stands on its own merits."

We'll be watching how this unfortunate French soap opera proceeds to unfold.

But surely the French police must have better things to do. µ


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