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Samsung Galaxy Tab users report 'oil slick' and freezing

Exclusive Samsung's woes continue
Wed Aug 24 2011, 16:16

KOREAN ELECTRONICS GIANT Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 woes are far from over as INQUIRER readers have reported continued freezing and "oil slick" problems with the device.

According to internet forums and blogs, "oil slicks", where a blotch appears under the screen that looks like a blotch of oil, have continued to occur since the device launched in the UK this month.

The problems began in the US after Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in June. US web site Galaxytablife claims that many Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners "have or have had this same issue, adding that "in a survey, 29 users out of 66 had the issue, that's 44 [per cent] of users".

Similar problems are plaguing the UK, INQUIRER readers told us. Katp70 said, "After having [the Galaxy Tab] for about a week I started to notice a very irritating problem... at times the touch screen will become unresponsive, like my fingers glide over the screen and nothing happens. Is this because my greasy fingers build up a film on the screen and it can not react? Anyone got any answers?"

KW said, "Am also experiencing the infamous 'oil slick' fault on my Galaxy Tab 10.1.I think reviews across the web have been poor and clearly not thorough enough to show up all the faults in this product. A quick look at the forums will show just how many are having issues with it."

Dazkins872 said, "My Galaxy is rubbish and slow. Taking it back tomorrow had enough of it crashing. Going to get a transformer instead as that seems the other 'best' droid tab."

Meanwhile, Marisa Tenby added, "I too have been suffering with what appears to be some kind of 'touchbug'. The screen is totally unresponsive at times, if not, it is very slow. The whole system seems to be lagging, tbh."

Apparently, the "oil slick" is caused by the front glass and the LCD panel pressing together producing Newton's rings on the actual LCD display and the catalyst for this is heat.

Galaxytablife advises users to dry the insides of the tablet by blow drying through the dock port, put the tablet in the fridge for up to half an hour, or "just give it time".

Samsung said, "Samsung Electronics is aware of limited number of customers who have experienced 'watermarks'appearing on the screen of their GALAXY Tab 10.1. Affected customers are encouraged to contact the Samsung customer service center at [give details] to receive further assistance. Samsung is committed to providing a high-quality experience for its mobile users and fulfilling our complete commitment to customer satisfaction."

It looks like Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has already been banned and put back again after an injunction won by Apple everywhere in the EU apart from Germany, is, if not doomed, at least jinxed.

We advise buying an HP Touchpad, if you can get one. At least if it all goes wrong, you'll only have paid £89 for it. µ


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