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Nokia executive promotes its 'superphones'

Android and IOS are rubbish
Wed Aug 10 2011, 12:12

ANOTHER DAY, another desperate bid by Nokia to promote its sub-standard phones. A US executive employed by the handset maker has slated Android and IOS devices, saying that Nokia's new "superphones" will offer superior user interfaces and better, cloud-enabled experiences than its chief competitors.

Chris Weber, president of Nokia North America, told VentureBeat that the Android and IOS platforms are "outdated".

Although Apple's Iphone and its underlying IOS operating system set the standard for a modern user interface with "pinch and zoom," said Weber, it also makes people download multiple applications that they then have to navigate between. Meanwhile, Android essentially "commoditised" this approach, Weber said.

Nokia will do better by offering offer a more seamless and efficient interface with its "live tiles and hubs" approach, added Weber. This will be possible in Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, where applications will be integrated into everything users do.

Nokia is betting on Microsoft's latest update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system, called Mango, which was released to developers three weeks ago.

Weber also downplayed expectations that the US will see a "superphone" release by Nokia this year. Most industry observers had expected that the struggling Finnish phone maker would launch its first smartphone as part of its Microsoft Windows Phone deal this year.

However, Weber said that the phones will first hit the US "in volume" in 2012, as Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has only committed to launching a Windows Phone 7 device "somewhere this year". We are guessing "somewhere" means the UK.

The interview came after Nokia confirmed it is killing off Symbian and will not release its Meego operating system based N9 smartphone in the US, potentially one of its biggest markets.

However, Weber said Nokia will launch its "superphone" portfolio with a focus on the US market, which means someone at Nokia has finally clocked that it would be wise, in order to win back market share globally. µ


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