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Biz Stone says Mark Zuckerberg is a Vulcan

Not a meeting of minds at a social networking confab
Mon Jul 18 2011, 12:32

ZEBEDEE-LIKE Google+'er Mark Zuckerberg closely resembles Mr Spock from Star Trek according to Biz Stone, the founder of Twitter.

To be fair, or perhaps its even less fair, Stone was comparing Zuckerberg to a Vulcan, an alien species known for lacking in humour and having pointy ears and shaped eyebrows.

In an interview on Radio network NPR Stone was quizzed about whether there was a social networking elite where people like he and people like Zuckerberg and Larry Page sit in gilded thrones. Apparently there is not, or if there is Stone has never been invited.

This raised the question of whether the Facebook founder is indeed a humourless Spock-like creature.

"I had a meeting once with Zuckerberg, and every joke I said landed like a dead fish on the ground. So I said...", said Stone before he was interrupted by the interviewer, who raised the suggestion that Zuckerberg was like a Vulcan.

Stone seemed to confirm this, and replied, "He was like, 'Oh, I understand this is what you humans call humour.'"

How the pair get on now is a mystery to us, but if you listen to Stone that initial meeting was not particularly comfortable. "Evan and I walked into the room. He walked in first, sat in a chair. There was a loveseat left. It was a small room. I walked in next, sat on one side of the loveseat. Ev walked in third and Ev said, 'Oh, do you want me to close the door or leave it open?' And Zuckerberg said, 'yes'," he said to some chuckles.

"So Ev said, 'Oh, well I guess I'll just close it this much.'" This probably loses some humour in the telling but it was greeted with much laughter by the audience, who presumably were fans of door-related humour.

How well the gang get along might be moot, as according to Stone Twitter is not courting a suitor. When they met Zuckerberg asked the Twitter founders for a price and Stone said $500m as it was a "ridiculous" figure.

Things seemed to get worse after that as Stone apparently does not like queuing for food, something that is apparently part of the culture at Facebook.

"The worst moment was he was like 'Hey, do you guys want to go have lunch at our cafeteria?' So we had to wait on this huge line for lunch. Evan (Williams) was like, 'Aren't you the boss? Can't you like kind of cut the line a little bit here?,'" he added. "And he's like 'That's not how we do things here.'"

After this Stone "bailed", because, he said, "We don't like to be queued up." µ


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