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Antisec has released a fresh data dump

Anonymous and Lulzsec activity continues
Wed Jun 29 2011, 15:55

THE HACKER MOVEMENT Antisec continues to wreak its merry havoc on the internet with its release of a dump of cracked passwords and other documentation.

The group, made up of security experts - or pirate ninjas and hactivists, if you will - from Anonymous and Lulzsec, was expected to deliver fresh information today, and deliver it did.

In its latest release, available through the Pirate Bay at the time of going to press, Antisec has published information from the Zimbabwean government, an Australian Municipal Council, Universal Music Group Partners - including passwords and other data, Viacom - including server mapping information, and the Brazilian government.

In a statement, aimed at ‘fellow Anons, Swashbuckers and Lizards', the group celebrated its birth - from the ashes of Lulzsec, its aims, and its first chest full off booty.

"It has been a week since the LulzBoat lowered the LulzSec flag, she now proudly flies under the #AntiSec colors. Since this day, the movement is organized by a flotilla of independent but allied vessels," the group wrote.

"Despite being still driven by Lulz and therefore also providing them, the mission has become larger than us. #AntiSec is more than Lulz and more than even Anonymous: It is our true belief that this movement has the capability to change the world. And should that fail, we will at least rock the world."

Its likely that security workers in Zimbabwe, Australia, Brazil, and just about anywhere else where disgruntled internet users are found, will be rocked by the Antisec movement.

"We provide material that is primarily against corrupt Governments (in our world this is all Governments) and corrupt companies," it said. "And keep in mind: #AntiSec vessels have a very large cache of valuable goods aboard."

Separately, the movement has released more information from the Arizona Police Department, an apparently racially unharmonious law enforcement department.

In the second installment of the Chinga La Migra Communique, which the AnonymousIRC twitter account mentioned roughly an hour ago, the data appears to be more personal and includes details on private lives, for example.

"A wild torrent appears: #AntiSec presents: Chinga La Migra II - did you think we were done with you?" it said, before adding, "Also, to solve the riddle: A Charging Mail is of course an anagram of Chinga La Migra."

The release, again available through the Pirate Bay, again looks extensive. "Just when you thought it was over, we're hitting the Arizona police state with our second round of attacks. In our first bulletin we dumped a treasure trove of secret law enforcement documents. In this second bulletin, we're dumping booty pirated from a dozen Arizona police officer's personal email accounts looking specifically for humiliating dirt," reads the introduction.

"This leak has names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, social security numbers, online dating account info, voicemails, chat logs, and seductive girlfriend pictures belonging to a dozen Arizona police officers." µ


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