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IPv6 is the best ad-blocking software, claims IP geolocation firm

Advertisers are waiting for consumers to upgrade before getting onboard
Fri Jun 10 2011, 17:02

IF YOU WANT to dodge web adverts but don't want to install Adblock then IPv6 might be the answer.

Digital Element supplies IP geolocation data to many firms including online advertising brokers that use it to serve relevant adverts to internet users, but the firm told The INQUIRER that almost no advertising networks use IPv6. This means that those IPv6 users who don't use 'dual stack' IP configurations do not get burdened with adverts.

Jeff Burdette, director of research and development at Digital Element said that even on IPv6 day web sites that had IPv6 enabled were serving adverts over IPv4. Single stack IPv6 configurations, meaning no IPv4 connectivity, would not have been served any adverts.

Those who think that IPv6 networks will be immune from advertisers will be bitterly disappointed, however. Burdette told The INQUIRER that it is only a matter of time before advertisers move over to IPv6, saying, "Currently there [aren't] enough eyeballs on IPv6 to make it worthwhile for advertisers to adopt it at the moment."

Digital Element already has 'hyper-local' geolocation for IPv4, with Burdette claiming that the firm can provide accurate data down to a particular post code anywhere in the world. Asked when such data will be available for IPv6, Burdette said that the end of 2011 will prove to be a "tipping point" and that will be when Digital Element will release its hyper-local geolocation data, with a widespread roll-out expected in 2012.

As to whether advertisers are waiting on firms such as Digital Element to provide high resolution data before moving to IPv6, Burdette said that the hold-up was all down to a lack of eyeballs, or advertising potential. Surprisingly, Burdette said that "adverts were not the killer application for IPv6".

High resolution geolocation data is vital to advertisers who want to provide relevant local advertising to users, however there are equally important secondary uses for such data. For latency sensitive applications, using IP geolocation can create overlays that provide low-latency connections with servers that are physically closer to the user.

So if you don't want to see any adverts, at least until the end of the year, then going IPv6 only is the way to go. Just don't expect most web sites in your bookmarks to work yet. µ


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