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Ifixit tears down the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

Compared with CR-48 developer model
Fri Jun 10 2011, 11:11

HARDWARE TEARDOWN OUTFIT Ifixit has taken apart the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and compared it to the CR-48 developer version.

Ifixit got its screwdrivers out to look inside the chassis of Samsung's Chromebook, which is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N570 processor. The teardown compares it with the developer-only Chromebook, the CR-48.


On the outside the Series 5 has consumer friendly good looks, is slimmer and according to Ifixit it has a better trackpad than the CR-48. Underneath the plastic there are both differences and similarities.

Firstly they both have separate motherboards and an I/O board with mini-PCIe cards for WWAN, WiFi, and flash memory. The integrated Intel NM10 graphics card is used in both machines.

The major differences are that the CR-48 has removable RAM but the Series 5's RAM is soldered onto the board. The CR-48 also has an easily removable battery whereas the Series 5 has its tucked away underneath the chassis.

The best finding performance-wise is that the Atom N570 in the Series 5 is a dual-core chip with 512KB more L2 cache than the single core Atom N455 found in the CR-48. Both devices have a 16GB Sandisk SSD.

The 3G version of the Series 5 Chromebook in the tear down is priced at £399 and reckons it will be available on 1 August. Kogan has already released the world's first Chromebook with its Agora, which is available now.

Ifixit gave the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook a score of 6 out of 10 for repairability. This isn't too bad but it was held back from getting a higher score due to the RAM not being user-replaceable and having to open the case to remove the battery. µ


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