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UK Pirate Party wins record votes in local English elections

Free internet party does well in Moorside
Fri May 06 2011, 12:52

OPEN WEB POLITICAL PARTY the Pirate Party UK has posted record results in local English elections with its fair web manifesto.

Council candidate for the anti Digital Economy Act (DEA) party, Graeme Lambert, gained three per cent of the vote in Moorside. That's the highest proportion of votes the Pirate Party has achieved in UK local elections so far.

Graeme Lambert got exactly 3.62 per cent of the vote in his Moorside ward in Bury after receiving 119 out of a total of 3,286 votes cast. That was a third of the Lib Dem vote and only 150 votes shy of the number gained by Independent Victor Hagan.

"I hope to spend a lot of the next year doing what I can to support you and holding Bury Council accountable for what they do in our name," wrote Lambert.

"We truly are a party of the 21st century, and we are the only party tackling many of the vastly important issues like privacy and civil liberties in an increasingly digital age," added Pirate Party UK Leader, Loz Kaye.

If Kaye and Lambert are going make Bury accountable in a digital age it will be to help support its open web manifesto to defend the British public's right to a free internet.

The INQUIRER spoke to Pirate Party UK leader Loz Kaye last month, who said that his party wants to influence government at all levels, so the boost to Lambert's votes is excellent news.

But he was keen to add that the party doesn't just want to be a tub thumping debate society. It wants to transpose its manifesto into practical engagement with government policies. µ


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