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Sun slams emetic Nintendo 3DS

3D mode is evil, vomit inducing cash thief
Tue Apr 05 2011, 15:10

EARLY BUYERS of Nintendo 3DS consoles who have found that gaming sessions lead to violent bouts of sickness have found a friend in the Sun newspaper.

A report in the Sun chippaper recounts the tale of one man who became ill after playing the Nintendo 3DS pocket console for just three minutes and felt let down by the response he got from the store when he asked for his cash back.

"One dad became ill after playing the device for THREE MINUTES with his young son. Sundeep Tailor, 27, returned the revolutionary 3D machine, which has left thousands with dizziness and headaches, after just 24 hours," the Sun reported.

"Staff at his local Game store at first refused to refund him, then offered £176.99 - £30 less than he had paid." So good, so salacious.

The paper adds that this did not please the customer, who feels aggrieved that he is expected to shoulder the financial burden of the transaction. "I lost money in just 24 hours. There will probably be more people in my position," he added.

Nintendo advises users to play the new console in 3D mode for half hour periods, and a customer services representative for Game reminded us of this and added that the unit and its packaging warn users about adverse effects and suggests that they lower the quality of the 3D experience.

Game also has Nintendo 3DS' instore and encourages people to try them out before they buy.

So, er, perhaps this is a case of buyer aware, rather than the buyer beware some quarters would have us believe.

The Sun is stepping up its campaign against the 3DS pocket console and in some serious looking tests applied the full force of its evil to one of its own workers.

In tests, the Sun doctor Carol Cooper took the blood pressure of a 22 year old employee while he played a game and rested, and played a game and rested again.

The shattering conclusion of the extensive tests, was a slight increase in blood pressure, from 120/70 at rest to 130/74 after an hour. Whether the two were working to a deadline, we don't know, but this was apparently not enough for the experts, who then encouraged the Sun's man to wander down the street playing, and ride in a car while playing. Which, believe it or not, did make him start to feel nauseous.

The Sun doctor's official verdict, then? After all, this is the make or break part of the story and the fruity findings of its research.

"Children should not be left to play on it for hours."

Oh. µ


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