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Ipad 2 will be launched at the BBC

Stephen Fry hasn't got far to walk
Fri Feb 25 2011, 15:01

GADGET FREAK Stephen Fry won't have to walk too far to launch Apple's Ipad 2 because the magical event is being held at the BBC.

In another example of how the IT industry could not keep a secret if its profit margins depended on it, the widely reported 2 March launch date is now known to have an event at the BBC at 6pm GMT. The INQUIRER doesn't know for sure that it's for the Ipad 2 or that Fry will be hosting this epochal event but both are bets we're prepared to place.

Other than Fry's short walk for a long cheque we are happy to wildly speculate that the decision to hold the launch event at the British broadcaster is because there is something very televisual about the new drinks tray. Leaving aside the BBC Iplayer app for the Ipad, for all we know mobile telly may be a feature of the Ipad 2.

When we asked the shiny toy maker about attending the event, Apple told The INQUIRER, "As I am sure you can imagine there is huge media demand for the event, we will let you know early next week if we can fit you in."

So that's a no, then. We think that there is a greater chance of Steve Jobs embracing open source, or fragmentation as he likes to call it, after all the stories we've written about the fruit-themed cappuccino company.

Whether it was Jobs embracing Soviet ideology, the fact that he is actually not a Ninja, his Iphone Flaw, or pulled videos of Jobs admitting other people had good business ideas, we're no one's favourite at Apple. Covering the more recent claim that Apple's founder is heading for the big orchard in the sky probably didn't win us any friends either.

We admit that we are sceptical about everything that comes out of the cappuccino company. So like you dear reader, we expect to be watching the webcast that will show a sea of adoring reporters waiting to ask how quickly they can abandon their journalistic principles and give their cash to Jobs. µ


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