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Tegra 3 will give tablets full High Definition

Big talking leaked roadmap, little news
Mon Jan 24 2011, 18:39

AN UNOFFICIAL announcement about Nvidia's plans for its Tegra chipset has been made, unsurprisingly in the run up to Mobile World Congress.

Of all the things that could be unofficially announced by a website close to Nvidia, or leaked, *cough*, the Nvidia roadmap for mobile processors is probably one we could have expected, considering the way the industry works.

And like so much material that is said to be a leak, if you look around you can find bits of it that have been leaked before. Tegra 2 has been around for ages, Tegra 2 3D was widely reported a few weeks ago, and earlier this month the Tegra 3 got a mention as probably tipping up later this year.

So what is new? Well the specifications on the Tegra 3 could be new. But one wonders how relevant they will be. For tablets the unofficially announced Tegra 3 statistics say 1.5GHz for the tablet chip, but no clock speed is given for the phone processor.

What does stand out are the High Definition display capabilities, with the tablet version getting 1920x1200 resolution and the phone chip 1366x768. Sounds great at first glance, full HD 1080p for the tablet and HD 720p for the phone, but then do we really believe handset screens will be able to display HD 720p in 2012?

Plenty of devices can output HD 720p or HD 1080p, but none on sale so far can actually show on their screen that level of resolution. So after all that, what did we learn? The answer is, not a heck of a lot.

Once again graphs never before seen generate a lot of interest and much linking but ultimately provide little information. Does it really matter? Companies get publicity and websites get hits, so everybody is happy.

Nvidia wasn't available for comment, but we can probably guess that its answer is "we don't comment on rumour". And no doubt that's true, even if it is information that it 'leaked' itself. µ


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