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Steve Jobs is the new Big Brother

DVD Jon declares war
Fri Oct 09 2009, 11:16

THE BLOKE who destroyed the movie industry's encryption game is now having a pop at Apple's proprietary Itunes.

Renowned Norwegian hacker DVD Jon released his competitor to the Itunes Music Store with an advert that casts Steve Jobs as a Big Brother control freak.

Using an advert that's a parody of Apple's own iconic TV ad, Jon Lech Johansen has released a new version of his Doubletwist software that allows Ipod owners to completely bypass Itunes and Iphoto when buying and managing their music, videos and photos.

Johansen has sailed up Steve Jobs' nasel passages before by sticking a giant banner ad in front of the flagship Apple Store in downtown San Francisco that encouraged passers-by to bypass Itunes and the Iphone.

Johansen's advert satirises the Apple version directed by Ridley Scott. Orginally it made out IBM as an Orwellian overlord and Apple as the leader of a rebellion against it.

In the new version it is Jobs who is the oppressive Big Brother figure. The clip has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Youtube.

In the advert Jobs says that no other choices shall distract from Apple's glory before a voiceover announces, "On October 6, Doubletwist brings you... choice."

A Doubletwist spokeswoman said that in the good old days Apple used to symbolise the rebel, but these days Jobs Mob was the new Microsoft.

She said that a "darker side" of Apple was coming out and pointed to examples including the company rejecting Iphone applications such as Google Voice for questionable reasons and Apple blocking the Palm Pre handset from syncing with Itunes.

Doubletwist looks the same as Itunes but, unlike Apple's software, it allows owners of Ipods, BlackBerrys and hundreds of other devices to manage their media libraries and even buy music downloads via Amazon.

Johansen has built a career around opening up closed systems using hacking. That makes him the perfect counterpoint to Jobs, whose success has come from locking punters into closed, proprietary ecosystems that he controls with an iron grip.

One salient difference between Jobs and Johansen is that DVD Jon does not have legions of black shirted fanboys screaming at people that he is good. µ




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