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Daily Wibble More on HD 5850 and a whole lot of reviews
Wed Oct 07 2009, 08:37

AMD CLEVERLY phased the introduction of the RV870 GPUs, one week, the HD 5870, the other week, the HD 5850. The HD 5850 shows that it can handle Nvidia’s top performers and still bring to bear the power management and DX11 features.

Here are a few nifty reviews of the 5870’s smaller brother. It’s good to be the king… at least for now.


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Hardware Logic has a go at Crucial’s M225 128GB SSD. You’ve heard the myth of SSDs, how they’ll save the world’n’stuff, but this one really hits the spot. It matches Patriot’s Torqx on performance, and that’s already saying a lot.

Hi Tech Legion fiddles around with MSI’s P55 CD53 motherboards. This is a “mainstream” LGA1156 motherboard built on Intel’s P55 Express chipset. That’s all fine and dandy, but if reports we are hearing are true, users should be very wary of overclocking cheaper P55-based boards,

Tom’s Hardware has a bit of a poser. With AMD’s stacking of the chips, you get pretty much the same performance out of budget Athlon II CPUs as you get out of mainstream Phenom II X3 CPUs - L3 cache and all. So THG faces off the Athlon II X4 and the Phenom II X3.

Bjorn3D has an Asus Maximus 3 ROG – anything but budget, this thing is – it’s pretty much the best Asus has to offer in terms of Lynnfield performance and features. Funny “cons” these guys came up with.

Quiet computing is one of the greatest challenges known to geeks. Big Bruin puts the Gigabyte Cupio 6140 mid-tower case modded for silence to the test. The foam-lined interior proves effective in keeping things quiet.

Engadget reviews that little jewel in HP’s crown, the Envy 13. Much has been said about it in the past few weeks and some high expectations surged forward. Well, Engadget says it’s almost as good as their best laptop experience, but seriously ruined by a crappy touchpad.

Laptop Mag also has a review of the Envy 13, same feelings all round: touchpad could go away and die… also, it’s an expensive bit of machinery.

Fudzilla tests the Cooler Master Hyper Z600. This particularly massive heatsink is just that, a heatsink. No active cooling, nothing… now here’s the funny bit. As a passive device, it performs just as  good as Intel’s stock cooler. Strap on a 120mm fan and you should have a nice performer, there.

Future Looks has a review of the ABS FX8 USB DTS Surround Sound gaming headset.  It got Jason some mixed feeling as it is cheap (a plus) but the sound isn’t that hot (big downer). You’ll be pleased to know that wearing these cause you no pain whatsoever.

Inside HW looks into 10 budget AMD motherboards. Playing the “cheaper platform card”, Inside HW shows what you get for anything between €50 and €70. Well, considering most include HD 3200 graphics, you can make up a powerful yet cheap system for very little money. µ


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