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Most Mac users are also PC users

What they don't tell you in the Mac adverts
Tue Oct 06 2009, 10:52

TO RABID MAC FANBOYS the world is polarised between Windows and Mac users.

To them, those who are not black-shirted worshippers of Saint Jobs are misfits who love Microsoft and all who sail in her.

Not only does that worldview ignore the fact that some people like open sauce, but it also ignores an inconvenient truth - most Mac users also use PCs.

According to the latest figures supplied by research firm NPD Group, more than 85 per cent of Mac users also have a PC.

This means that the sort of smug, stupid fanboys who populate Web 2.0 opinion columns saying they would not touch a PC make up only 15 per cent of the total Mac user population.

And that stupid American columnist who said she'd never knowingly sleep with a Windows user is facing rather longer odds against getting laid than she might have thought.

This means that 85 per cent of Mac users have a pragmatic approach to their machines and use the best tool for the job at hand, whatever they want when they want it.

This is bad news for the Apple marketing machine that has depended on its devoted fan base to be stupidly loyal.

In the US the figures seem to say that Apple is doing rather well. It says that 12 per cent of North American homes have a Mac. But if 85 per cent of them also have a PC then that also means that Apple has failed to convince the world plus dog of its total superiority.

In fact most Mac owners have three or four computers in their house, the figures reveal. People who own a PC tend to only have one in the house. Only 29 per cent have more than two PCs.

Not surprisingly, Apple users are richer than PC users and tend to make more electronics purchases anyway.

NPD's survey of 2,300 people found that 36 per cent of Mac owners reported a household income of more than $100,000.

What this implies is not only that Apple is selling to the well off, it is also peddling its goods to those who see its computers as a status symbol.

Also not surprisingly Apple Mac customers also are more likely to own an Ipod. More than 63 per cent of Mac owners also have an Ipod, while only 36 per cent of all computer users own one.

It would be interesting for NPD to do another survey to find out what the 85 per cent of Mac users do with their PCs and which machine they use the most and for what. µ


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