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Toshiba begets mini and half-slim SSDs

Companion PCs rejoice
Tue Sep 22 2009, 17:47

FLASH STORAGE for small companion devices has received a rather strong storage boost from Toshiba, as the company has announced its mini- and half-slim-SSD units using 32nm Flash memory.

Toshiba has developed two storage devices to match the requirements of companion PC devices or simple embedded ones that require and rely upon low power consumption and tiny form factors.

In case you’re wondering, these models are nude. By nude, we mean caseless, of course. The PCB and chips are, so it really is a case of sticking it in and forgetting it exists. That’s basically the trick to getting it so slim...

The first of these, the Half-Slim SSD, comes in 30GB and 62GB capacities, uses a standard SATA-2 connector and can be put in regular 2.5-inch HDD compartments. It is just slimmer and shorter by about 50 percent. This won’t be too useful in regular notebooks, but it could easily be seen as a quick upgrade for netbooks. The Half-Slim measures just 54mm x 4mm x 39mm.

The mSATA SSD, which is also available in 30GB and 62GB versions, comes in a newer yet JEDEC compliant form factor for SATA that packs the same features only in a smaller - 30mm x 4.75mm x 50.95mm - format. These will be mostly used in embedded applications.

Toshiba doled out performance figures as being 70MB/s and 180MB/s sequential write/reads, which looks quite interesting considering your typical embedded or mini device capability.

Now all it needs is a development programme to get all the creative types on board to build shiny new toys based on its stuff. µ



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