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ISPs ignore RIAA call

Not their private cops
Thu Jun 04 2009, 10:06

IT LOOKS like the big music cartel's claim that ISPs were working with them to shut down Internet filesharing was premature and overstated.

At the end of last year the RIAA admitted it's practice of threatening to drag old ladies and children into court unless they paid it shedloads of money on somewhat dubious evidence wasn't working out. Instead it said it would be working with ISPs that would shut the 'pirates' down.

However, CNET reports that the recording industry is still waiting to hear from the RIAA which ISPs have agreed to work with the association. While the RIAA claims that a number of different ISPs have forwarded nearly half a million notices to alleged P2P copyright infringers during the last six months, it is refusing to say which ISPs, exactly, those would be.

In fact, so far we have not heard of anyone who has actually received such a P2P filesharing notice from any ISP, let alone paid any heed to one.

It is looking increasingly likely that the RIAA's claims that ISPs were helping it to police the interwibble were nothing more than hopeful spin. ISPs don't seem to be falling all over themselves to alienate their customers just to please the grasping music industry without compensation for their time or lost revenue.

While it is true that the RIAA has been pitching its cunning anti-filesharing scheme at ISPs, it appears they have been saying "that's nice" and then proceeding to ignore the music companies' wishes altogether. µ



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