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Microsoft 'fixes' its malware problem

Rant Changes name from WGA to WAT
Fri May 08 2009, 14:13

IT SEEMS MICROSOFT has realised that the product activation malware it forces on users of Windows has a bad name. Springing into action, it has done the only thing it can do - change the name.

According to Computerworld, Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) - something that does not have any advantages, genuinely - is now called Windows Activation Technology (WAT).

Whatever Microsoft calls it, there is absolutely no benefit to the user.

WGA or WAT, it only hurts legitimate customers by taking away their rights to use the software they purchased. You don't get what you pay for, you only get software and stifling restrictions.

If you read Microsoft's own definitions on the Microsoft Malware Protection Center, here, WGA/WAT fits as Malware, Trojan and Backdoor Trojan.

Sadly, if you don't agree to the terms Microsoft forces on you, you are out of luck, and out whatever money you foolishly paid for the software.

On the up side, the Vista version of WGA was cracked within days of release, and the Windows 7 version of what is now called WAT will be as well.

If you want to pirate, it won't slow you down, but if you pay for your software, all you get is pain.

Computerworld has a Microsoft WGA/WAT spokesman quoted as saying: "When we went out and talked to customers, we found that activation was the concept that resonated most strongly with them."

The quote ends there, but may have ended, " memories of the first time they were kicked in the groin."

In any case, Microsoft's draconian licensing enforcement 'technology' is malware by its own definition. And it's forced on the user through EULAs of questionable legality.

There is no advantage to it for the user, only advantages for Microsoft. And renaming it won't make it more attractive to users or any more palatable.

Maybe someday, smart users will stop buying software products that have a built-in remote off switch. µ


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