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Nvidia gets a new comms VP

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Fri Feb 27 2009, 18:50

NVIDIA HAS FINALLY filled the position of VP, corporate communications with Bob Sherbin, ex of HP. This is more than a simple job vacancy, it seemingly shuffles the entire NV comms tree.

If you are paying attention, you will have noticed that the new position has been advertised and vacant since last summer. Given it is such a plumb job with lots to do, one has to wonder why? That said, it is filled now.

Sherbin-good-knowing-yaBob takes over the reins of a division seen by those that work with it as somewhere between unexplained greenish-black bumps on your genitals and the task of having to explain why those bumps happened, why you can't remember that night three weeks ago, and how much it cost to fill an auditorium with nuns. Luckily for him, he can't do the Nvidia message any harm from here, short of several criminal actions, at once, on camera, while bragging about it.

The interesting part? Corporate communications and PR both report to him, but not IR/AR. Why is that interesting? Because those organisations already had top people in them, they are now reporting to him, who use to report to Bob's boss. Can you say 'mass demotion and public backhand to the entire comms department'? I knew ya could, but I think this is more coincidence than top management getting a clue.

In any case, we have long given up hope that some semblance of honesty would seep into NV's messaging system, and this doesn't really add anything new. The reason for this is Nvidia is a top-down company, basically you don't fart unless you are told to by a higher up. Not having two brain cells to rub together when coming up with an idea is a benefit here, not a career-limiting disability.

That meant that all the stupid moves, power games, and flat-out denials of things with hard evidence staring them in the face were carried out by the mouthpieces, not thought up by them. The real company and stock-hammering stupidities came from higher up. Slotting someone between the two sides doesn't fix anything, nor does it change the way things will be done... it simply adds another layer of deniability.

With that, Bob steps into a world of happiness, backstabbing, a handful of seemingly slam-dunk class-action lawsuits, and that reputation that someday hopes to rival the good name of genital rashes.

The people below him are now one notch down, and nothing is going to change. Yay?

Read the release here. µ


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