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Tabloid Mageek strikes again

New News is bad news for old news
Mon Jan 26 2009, 13:02

INQ FOUNDER and tabloid hack extraordinaire, Mike Magee is taking on the established UK tabloids online.

Magee launches The News today, "a site that will deliver breaking global news in a characteristically punchy and controversial style," it says here.
"At a time when multinational and national newspaper groups are cutting staff, closing offices and facing the overhead of print production, distribution costs and declining readership, we feel we've a good chance of taking on the giants by concentrating on sound journalism and challenging the state of journalism now ," Magee spun.
He continued: "A recent article on told a stark truth. Print advertising, the piece said, is evaporating, meaning that in the UK, at least, Northcliffe Media and Trinity are still tied to classified ad revenues and can't scale their operations to take advantage of the low-cost model in the online world."


The site will have its news hub in India, where editorial operations will be headed by Subhash Rai, who in today's press release said: "Journalism divorced of traditional journalistic values is there for all to see. Online journalism of The News variety will bring a breath of fresh air."

Mageek added: "Journalists these days are frightened little rabbits told to print or pixellate press releases and taught not to challenge power and vested interests. We will prove that journalism is not dead and that readers want strong journalism and not wishy-washy pap dictated to them by multiple vested interests."

He added: "We don't follow the news, we make The News." µ


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