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Evidence that Nvidia renamed 9xxx GPUs tips up

With PhysX logo and spin
Sat Jan 03 2009, 02:10

A FEW MONTHS AGO, we told you that Nvidia had a plan to flog its parts that people normally wouldn't buy at a premium. How? By renaming them to catch the stupid unaware.

Thanks to reader Ray, we have the first evidence of this, so these retreads will likely be 'out' at CES. The official proof comes in a PDF from the German retailer Mediamarkt, here. As you can see, they are listing a GeForce G100, GT120, and GT130. We guess the green goblin didn't have the guts to say 8800GS, er... 9600GSO and 9500GT anymore. Luckily Nvidia didn't forget the first rule of marketing: if your products suck, spin.

In case you hadn't noticed, Nvidia hasn't put out any lower end SKUs based on the GT200 because... well, it is spinning a lot. It is also sitting on a huge inventory of 9xxx series parts that no one really wants because a good chunk of them likely contain the defective materials set. So, rather than come clean, Nvidia is changing the names hoping to whitewash the issue. How consumer friendly. If your products suck, spin.

Also make note of the new PhysX logo. This is Nvidia's way of spending money on branding to pretend Cuda actually matters and is not about to be wiped out by OpenCL and DX11 Compute Shaders. Luckily most Nvidia fanbois are dumb enough to buy this, but preaching to the choir tends not to be money well spent.

These NDA-breaking PDFs have a way of disappearing, so we will put the pics of the relevant parts below. Enjoy the spin. µ







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