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Ipods turning up in the afterlife

Music player dead and buried
Wed Dec 17 2008, 10:01

US FUNERAL DIRECTORS have noticed that there is a sudden demand among Apple fanboys to  buried with their favourite gadgets when they croak.

Noelle Potvin, family service counsellor for funeral home Hollywood Forever, said that it is also becoming a trend with BlackBerrys and one bloke even wanted to be buried with his GameBoy.

Ed Defort, publisher and editorial director for American Funeral Director magazine, said there are cases of a bloke being buried with his Ipod in the hope of being wired to the end.

However what is stranger is that they want the gear switched on so that their mates can ring them, at least until the battery wears out.

Pam Vetter said she had seen family members place Ipod earphones on the dead person and play songs as the casket closed. She said that it was comforting to the family to think that "mom's playing her Ipod... or dad's still got the mobile phone that was attached to his ear all the time." 

We would have thought making the last journey to the underworld with Coldplay ringing in your ears would be sign of terrible forboding.

One funeral director said that he had seen people leave mobile phones on and tell me they're going to call their loved one later. They know no one will answer, but they want to have that connection.

Some people call the dead as they're lowering the coffin into the ground. It'll be prearranged and everyone will hear a faint ring. It's like the new version of 'Taps' for people who are identified as being on the phone all the time.

Still it would be handy if you woke up and discovering you have been buried alive.  At least you could try and call someone before the air in the coffin ran out. µ



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