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Bulging mobo capacitors get their 15 minutes of fame

Or is it infamy?
Wed Aug 31 2005, 15:43
CAPACITORS SHOWING every sign of springing a leak are the flavour of the day, it appears.

A filing on a forum dedicated to Dell PowerEdge machines claims that it's not just Dell Optiplex GX270 machines that are having their problems. The forum, here, claims that 400SCs are also having problems. The page comes complete with pictures.

But to be fair to Dell, and as we reported in mid July, the firm is still taking steps to fix machines that exhibit this problem. Infoworld claimed yesterday that Dell wasn't addressing the problems.

More readers have contacted the INQ to say they've had positive experiences from Dell when problems with capacitors on motherboards were reported than dissatisfied end users.

One reader said: "I don't know what Dell public relations is telling Infoworld, but I can say that Dell support has been extremely accommodating to us about replacing GX270 motherboards with bulging capacitors. They replaced the first one quickly after it showed instability. I had a second motherboard replaced, no-questions-asked, after email submission of a support request. This system had not even crashed but they replaced the motherboard after I asked them on the basis of visually bulging capacitors."

Another wrote: "Dell have been replacing our GX270s pretty much no questions asked (we've had about 15 of 100 boxes die with the same problem), they even mentioned that if we get a certain percentage failing, they'll replace the entire batch FOC.."

It doesn't seem to have universally happy customers, however. A reader said: "Motherboards seems to be an issue I have a Dimesion 4600C for my daughter at college on which the motherboard failed after a year and a half. I tried for four months to get a part going around the world with their tech support dept, poor English and alwast the same questions over and over and over. Part always on back order while they kept selling new units to the public. Then they discountined selling the model." µ



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