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Xbox mod chip supplier goes down for 5 months

Ignoring DMCA not such a good idea
Thu Apr 10 2003, 16:23
THERE ARE PLENTY players in the mod chip and warez community that will want to take note of this. David Rocci has just been sent down for 5 months for conspiracy to violate copyright laws using the DMCA. Conspiracy. Not actual violation of copyright laws.

Rocci was selling Xbox mod chips. Unfortunately he was also running a web site dedicated to announcing the latest warez. Not a good move. You might think that 5 months inside avoiding picking up the soap in the showers would be enough of a shock. Oh, no.

The judge decided that a $28,500 fine was in order too. And another 5 months of electronically monitored house detention upon release. And three years on probation. And drug testing. And counselling.

It's a sobering thought that conspiracy to violate copyright laws can now mean spending 5 months in a cell with Bubba calling you "Mummy." µ

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