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Quad Father becomes an Octopussy

Desktop Roadmap Holy SUV! Quad FX goes 8x4, Octo FX
Tue Nov 28 2006, 09:00
AMD has some big plans with its up and coming and so-called 4X4 system. It is about to launch the Quad FX and in 2007 it will enable two quad core CPUs to work on the upcoming machines. Currently AMD uses two dual core Windsor 90 nm CPUs and this won't change until the FX 76.

The best thing is that the BIOS update should enable quad cores to run in new socket revision F(1207). But there will still be some limitations. The problem lies in AMD's single power plane for all cores and north bridges. This might reduce the power and performance of the brand spanking new Q3 2007 4x4+ Quad core CPU's codenamed Altair FX.

The good thing is that 4x4, two dual cores will grow to become a two quad core machine. Eight cores will raise the mega tasking capability of Quad FX to giga tasking with eight cores plus more platformance and marchitecture stuff compris.

The 4x4+ will have a separate power plane that is set to be stronger and it will increase to current strength from 95 A in current 4x4 to a 120 A for the boards. The boards will also have an additional 20 A for Northbridge and will be able to push the platformance even higher.

The current Athlon FX 70, 72 and 74 will work in revision F 1207+ boards. The Athlon FX codenamed Altair FX for 4x4+ will also work in old boards but might be slower due to a limited power current. That means that the wise thing to do is to change the board in Q3 2007 with the new FX Quad core CPU's. It looks like Quad core Altair FX will need more than 95 A and it looks like the CPU's + Northbridge will eat 120 + 20 Amperes, 140 A to be precise.

As for Octo FX or Octopus names that is just as official as DAAMIT. µ

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