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Who cares if the Chinese infringe patents?

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Tue Aug 02 2005, 12:51
China hits back at chip copying accusation

Does it really matter if Godson-2 infringes on MIPS patents or not? Even if it does, IP law in China isn't geared towards protecting American interests. And why should it be? China has its own interests to look out for (including its own domestic industries). It also has its own laws, its own methods - and, failing all else, its own nukes. China will have things its own way at home, whether the US likes it or not. As for exports? Well, we'll see.

This situation is a good example of the benefit of having two superpowers on the same planet (and China is quickly on its way to becoming one). With just one superpower, it can push and bully other countries into doing things its way, with pretty much no resistance (except perhaps from terrorists). With two superpowers, the game gets a lot more interesting - for everyone concerned. With any luck, it'll also stabilise world affairs for the better.



Business as usual when it comes to China and Intellectual Property (IP).

The PRC has a long established policy of taking what it wants, regardless of legal restrictions. After all, given their rampant racism and belief in their superiority, both historical and political, who are we to deny them what they want?

Some claim the PRC is coming into line, given their desire to join the WTO (World Trade Organisation), which requires them to crack down on IP infringement, but when they do crack down it is on "independent" operators, like DVD pirates, never on government organs or agencies, and never on anything the government deems important for national purposes.

A criminal is a criminal, no matter how fine the clothes he wears. As long as the western "democracies" continue to pursue business with the PRC with no penalties for breaking the "rules", the PRC will continue to steal until they are able to conquer.

I predict a hot war between the US and the PRC within the next 20 years, sooner if the PRC continues to aggressively build their military and threaten Taiwan.

Fortunately, the PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) doesn't currently have much in the way of amphibious capability. Having a million soldiers to threaten Taiwan is of little use if you can't land them on Taiwanese beaches. Far as I know the PRC leadership hasn't figured out how to walk on water, although they no doubt think they can.

Name, email supplied


Intel staff sleep rough on streets

That's not sleeping rough when they'll be sleeping in their poncy sleeping bags.

Sleeping rough involves sitting near cash machines asking for spare change, drinking cheap cider - cheaper and bigger the bottle the better, having a mangy looking mongrel dog that constantly runs after its tail and licks it nether regions (no not Amsterdam), picking up cigarette dimps punters drop on the way past and sleeping in various card-board boxes.

Before you cheeky buggers ask - No I haven't had the bad luck to become homeless, but the list above is what can been seen on a typical Friday night in Manchester.

Anyway - Have a good weekend and don't get too hammered at the pub :)



Search Engine is Undesirable

First off to say I do enjoy your website and unique style of cynical technology reporting.

Your search engine leaves much to be desired, however. For instance, take terms that pop up ever so regularly such as "intel", "amd", "ati", "nvidia". Entering one of those into your search page at with a search for "title" and either "any words" or "all words" (it doesn't seem to make a difference) returns a farcical list of pages purporting to be a search.

For instance nvidia comes back with one(!) article for all of 2005 when this topic is discussed almost daily. Eg:

ATI bad, Nvidia good, says, er, Nvidia 11-05-2005
Visiontek teases Nvidia as Nvidia teases itself 31-05-2003
Nvidia-Via battle: a further twist 17-12-2001
MS to blame for Via, Nvidia battle? 13-12-2001
VisionTek wins Nvidia's heart 13-12-2001

I really don't understand this search function and really do think you should improve it, eh?

John Carmichael


The Vole

uhhh i hate to tell you dude, but i don't think theres any such thing as "Microsfot Volista." Perhaps you mean Microsoft Vista ? Maybe there is, and right now its just that google only returns 1 result for microsoft volista. I dunno.

Cutler Scott



After discussing with my brother the so-called "Coffeegate" fiasco that's been going on recently, we've both agreed that someone somewhere has completely lost the plot.

How is it that in a game based around stealing cars, shooting people, gang raids, drugs, drive-bys, hit'n'runs and so forth that a simple mini-game based around sex is causing so much scandal? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this actually the ~only~ legal activity that even takes place in the game? Just what exactly are they trying to tell us here?

Sounds to me like they're saying it's OK to wish serious harm upon your fellow man, but if you're thinking about getting your rocks off in a less violent (ie No-one's meant to be dead afterwards) way than you better stop and think about what you're doing.

Of course I think the whole lot is a load of BS - I personally hate censorship of any kind at any time (who the hell are these people to tell me what I should hear and/or see anyway?), and think this is all just an attempt to make it seem like people actually care, when the rest of us know full well they don't. If people actually cared that someone else cared, they wouldn't be giving little Johnny/Jane an MA15+ (or whatever it is in various countries) game in the first place - though when you hear stories like a woman buying a copy of American McGee's Alice for her 8 year old, then promptly returning it in horror you really have to wonder (we wondered why the bloody butcher knife, MA15+ sticker and satanic cat on the cover didn't clue her into the fact it might not be suitable for said child).

Just my (and my brother's) 2¢.



This is preposterous.

I can see why someone would want to see GTA with an 'AO' rating. But Sims 2?

Even if the blurring can be removed from Sims, how is "Ken and Barbie" nudity "worse" than simulated sex in GTA? I think most would argue that, even if Sims were anatomically correct, Hot Coffee would still be less child-friendly.

EA is "cooperating, gleefully, with the mod community to turn Sims 2 into a porn offering?" What? Pretty much every mainstream game with a female character has a nudity mod. Thompson is ridiculous.

Rochester, NY


Why is it the public rides on stupidity? I mean come on people, Hillary "Rotten" Clinton doesn't know her head from a dirt mount when it comes to the gaming industry. Are we going to ban Pac Man because it basically illustrates a form of cannibalistic type of behavior rewarded by points?

I think we live in a society where parents need to quit harboring over their precious high end houses, vacations and luxury cars and start spending time with their kids. Also isn't video games the least of our worries.. I mean what's next, the burning of relgious materials because it could be related to "Holy wars"?

The rating system has been there for some time and is just fine. Parents who give these kids the funds because its a easy baby sitter tool used by the majority need to stop. Oh but wait should I let the goverment tell me how to raise my kid?

Our civil liberties are being stripped from us daily. Write to your congressman / senator and let them know you still can raise your kids without their "Hipocracy" of what they think is best.

Wayne Pennell


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