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Conroe chips are few are and far between

OEMs appear to be sucking up the limited supplies
Thu Jul 27 2006, 17:26
WITH THE LAUNCH of Conroe, all computer enthusiasts, save the die-hard AMD fanboys, had a collective nerdgasm at the new levels of performance at low power output.

But we've had numerous complaints from people who are aching to get hold of one of these chips, yet mysteriously, the usual crowd of distributors in the UK seems to have a distinct lack of stock.

We had a closer look to see what the real situation was:

Mainstream distributors:
Dabs: No stock. Claim E6600 2.4GHz due in 1-2 weeks, all others in 3-4 weeks
Misco (formerly Simply Computers): No stock. Claim 1-2 days.
Scan: No stock. Claim 5 days.
Insight: Not listed.

Smaller sellers found on Froogle:
Eclipse: No stock. Claim 2-3 days.
Vipi: No stock.
Gigabuyer: No stock.
And a similar situation across plenty of others.

Many websites tend to write down very optimistic guesstimations as to when stock will arrive, so I'd take the “ETA” figures with a pinch of salt large enough to commit slug population genocide. It's all a bit frustrating, really.

But fear not, chip geeks - OCUK has come to the rescue, and have OEM versions of the highly overclockable E6300 (1.8GHz, 2MB cache) in stock, ready to ship today - yours for the sum of £115, or £135 including the usual Gordon Brown booze fund donation.

The site also has the marginally less affordable X6800 eXtremely Expensive edition if you're willing to part with the devilishly large sum of £666 + VAT.

A similar situation exists in the US - look around hard enough and you may find some stock but, as predicted, the demand massively exceeds the supply at the moment, and so the OEMs are sucking up all the chips they can get hold of.

For now, your best bet may be to register for your name to be changed to Mikey Dell and give Intel a ring. µ



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