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Thu Jul 04 2002, 23:19
The INQUIRER guide to roadmaps

June 2005
Intel Dempsey cores will clock at 3.80GHz
Intel flesh out, prices up dual core Yonah chips
Intel readies 64-bit Celerons, updates software roadmap
Intel chip codename alert
Internal Intel rag describes Otellini, Jobs love in as "romance"
How do you follow up four cores?
Intel set to go quad core early, too
Intel neuters Montvale, Itanic screams in alarm

April 2005
Intel Dempsey chips to clock at 3.80GHz
Intel's Yonah notebook speeds revealed
Intel Presler to clock at 3.4GHz, gets named 9XX series

March 2005
Intel Woodcrest is Xeon and Conroe is desktop
Pentium M to get 64-bit Extreme Edition
Intel struggles with Whitefield futures
Intel invents new kind of chip socket
Intel dual core may play games slower
Intel 840 Pentium X to cost $1,000

February 2005
Heaps of roadmap stuff from the Intel Developer Forum

January 2005
Intel times 64 bit CPUs to arrive with WinXP Pro X64
Intel prices up 8XX dual core Smithfields
Six Intel Yonah dual core processors cooking in fabs
Intel's Dempsey dual core CPU to Glidewell down Greencreek
Intel Presler CPU slated for Q1 next year

December 2004
Intel introduces iWindscreenWiper, iChef and the rest
Intel sets dates for dual desktop, 6XX 2MB Pentium 4s
Intel Paxville, Blackford, Dempsey meet DIamond Peak and Sunrise Lake
Intel claims notebook batteries will last a day
Intel sets Pentium M 533MHz launch for mid January
Intel says buy a notebook for Christmas

November 2004
Intel outlines future EM64T Pentium 4 plans

October 2004
Inquirer crib sheet for Pentium M family
Intel likely to drop Pentium 4 brand: Brand it as Digital something
Intel dual desktop core chips to be called x20, x30, x40
Intel changes likely to cause Win64 XP delay
Intel drops plans for 4GHz Pentium 4
Intel: It will be hard for AMD to follow us
How Intel will rip up its current roadmaps
Intel faces performance struggle for two hard years

September 2004
4GHz Intel Prescott on target for Q1
Millington, Montecito dual core slated for Q3 2005
Intel to introduce 3.46GHz 2MB EE chip on 1st November
Intel readies price cuts on notebook chips

August 2004
Intel desktop price cuts slated for next week
Intel server mobos: Poetry in motion
Pentium 4 EE positioned as Glenwood workstation chip Servers
Pentium M to get 533MHz, PCIe support Q1 Notebooks
Intel rushes to imlement NX bit in September Desktops
Cashless Intel Shelton takes on AMD Sempr0n

July 2004
The INQ guide to Intel model numbers
Intel Pentium Ms to reach 2.10GHz this year
Intel readies Mukilteo as vanguard for future server chips
Intel's Glenwood chipset expected Q2 2005
Intel confirms NX Bit Prescott stepping

June 2004
Intel readies EM64T Nocona processors
Low voltage Pentium M Dothans to arrive soon
Intel Potomac delayed again: 64-bit Xeons proliferate
Intel pushes on with LGA 775 launch, 1066 bus
Computex 2004 coverage

May 2004
Intel to intro 64-bit Xeons on 1st of August
Intel Dothan to hit 2.13GHz in Q2 next year
Intel to launch 2MB 1066 chip in Q4
Intel to launch 1066MHz FSB CPU
Intel confirms Tejas, Jayhawk dead
Intel may have canned Tejas project

April 2004
Intel pushes on with Prescott "desknote" chips
Intel prices up desktop Prescott processors
Intel races to rev up its Itanium platform
HP advises customers on how to cross sell Itaniums, Opterons, EM64Ts
Your handy Intel desktop CPU ready reckoner
Intel's Irwindale is a 2MB Nocona, but standard Nocona slips a quarter
4GHz (580) Prescott to arrive Q4, but delay on cards
Dothan 2GHz (755) Pentium M to arrive in May

March 2004
64-bit extensions downplayed in server plans
Intel to intro LGA775 Extreme Edition in Q2 Desktops
Intel to intro more Pentium M Celerons soon Notebooks

February 2004
Over 40 stories here, including roadmap information

January 2004
Xeon 4MB comes end of February, 775 Xeons on way
Intel confirms it will make 64-32 chip tech, again
Intel LGA 775 desktop boards revealed
Intel readies wave of server motherboards
Intel to make ambitious claims for Prescott Pentium 4

December 2003
How Prescott prices will shape up
Intel dual core chips spring to life
Intel's 3.40GHz 2MB Extreme Edition to cost $999
Intel Itanium Fanwood to offer faster system bus Server chips
Intel ready to launch Celeron M family, Dothan
Prescott ready to roll under Pentium 4 guise

October 2003
How Intel's desktop speeds pan out for a year
Intel Prescott delayed - launches January/February, P4EE to cost $925 4MB Xeons to launch Q1 04, Potomac and Twin Castle delayed
Intel to intro 2.8GHz Celeron soon, cut current prices

September 2003
Intel readies rash of Prescotts at different frequencies
Intel low voltage Itanium II to launch 7 September
Intel Prescott prices for 2004 revealed
Intel readies "Celeron" Pentium M chips

August 2003
Intel Jayhawk and Potomac to arrive next year
Intel says Prescott to get new stepping
Prescott to hit 3.8GHz in Q2 next year
Intel's Centrino: Is the strategy paying off?
Intel readies hyperthreading notebook push

July 2003
Intel brings forward date for Dothan Pentium Ms
Intel declares Prescott pricing, intros 848P, 845GB chipsets
Intel to add hyperthreading to mobile Pentium 4 chips
Intel swerves on server silicon

June 2003
Intel notebook Celerons to have 1MB cache
Nocona, Jayhawk to use 800MHz system bus Servers
Intel to launch portability processors soon Notebooks
Intel 3.20GHz Pentium 4 to launch in June And Prescott pricing revealed
Intel's desktop pricing to October

May 2003
Intel confirms Celeron price cuts
Intel notebook new introductions, prices near
Intel server directions undergo sea-change
Intel readies Xeon price attack on AMD Opterons
Low voltage Intel Pentium Ms enter blade arena
Intel to drop clock speeds for Pentium-M Celerons
Intel drags Centrino 802.11a, screaming into Q3
Intel to cut Celeron prices this month
Pentium 4 3.20GHz to bring massive Intel desktop attack
Mobile Intel Pentium 4s revealed

April 2003
Intel set to ratchet up server chip speeds
Intel to intro mobile Prescott chip early next year
Intel ready to jaywalk with dual pro systems
Higher speed Centrino chips delayed
Intel Springdale hyperthreading for all gets ever closer
When and how Intel will lower the price of its desktop chips
How Intel PCI Express, Grantsdale is looking, pre-Canterwood
Intel leaks Canterwood details by mistake

February 2003
2004 Prescott, Tejas chips to have new socket, chipsets
Intel to use Microsoft Office 11 to push HT technology
Intel's Kessler will be Prescott reference platform
Intel takes on AMD Athlon 64 with Prescott 3.40GHz chip
Intel restores Prescott "secret" pages
Intel benchmarks Canterwood against Springdale chipset

January 2003
Intel to release 3GHz Xeon this quarter, releases Madison pricing Server roadmaps
Intel calls Banias chip Pentium M Notebook roadmaps
Intel names "turbo mode" chipset after Pat Gelsinger Desktop roadmap

December 2002
Intel Pentium 4 chipset pricing changes today
Intel's Turbo DDR 400 Canterwood aimed at fast 3D gaming
Intel outlines benchmarks for HT Pentium 4/800 using DDR 400
Prescott Intel chipsets have communication streaming architecture
How Intel will achieve turbo DDR memory mode
Intel's Turbo DDR 400 Canterwood aimed at fast 3D gaming
Intel Bonanza-Canterwood combo to use special memory capabilities
Intel's Pentium 4 in 2003: Life gets complicated

November 2002
Intel confirms DDR-400, 800MHz boxed motherboards Reseller roadmaps
Intel has boxed server codenames to play with
Intel Banias chips are so much cooler than Pentium 4Ms
Intel's 800MHz Canterwood edges out Granite Bay -- early Intel Server roadmaps
Banias, Dothan chipsets get real Intel names Notebook roadies
Pentium 4s to get 800MHz system buses Prescott delayed. Intel roadmaps
Intel to cut Pentium 4 prices end of February Forking prices for 800MHz buses

October 2002
All Intel P4 chipsets to support hyperthreading
Prescott Canterwood canters into view Server roadmappery
Intel prices up Banias, Dothan mobile chips Notebook roadmappery
Intel to keep Pentium 4 prices "stable" until Q1 2003 Desktop roadmappery
Intel to introduce 2.2GHz Celeron 10th November, makes price changes Desktop roadmappery, continued
Future Intel ICH6X directions to include USB3, integrated broadband Very far ahead roadmappery

September 2002
Intel spells out Xeon frequencies
Intel brings Gallatin launch forward
Intel pushes "portability roadmap" in tricky notebook move
Intel consolidates desktop chipsets

July 2002
Prescott 3.20GHz appears in Intel roadmaps
Intel's Dohan is the 90 nanometer successor to Banias
Intel server CPUs in graphics
Intel's desktop CPUs in graphics
Future Intel notebook frequencies in graphics
Intel chipset bloodbath en route
Intel Nocona gets satanic 666MHz chipset support Server Roadmaps
Celerons crash in price, soar in speeds
Prescott 3.20GHz appears in Intel roadmaps
Intel's Dothan is the 90 nanometer successor to Banias
Intel to include wireless kits with Banias Notebook roadmaps
Intel moves 2.80GHz P4 into this quarter Desktop roadmaps

June 2002
Desktop CPUs in words and pictures
Banias chipsets, battery details revealed
Intel Springdale details revealed
Itanium II late, Granite Bay canned, Infiniband gone
Intel intros DDR 333 early
Intel speeds up Pentium 4M intros Pricing included

May 2002
Intel makes indecent haste to intro Pentium 4Ms Notebook roadmaps
Intel to price-bash AMD with new "Celerons" Desktop roadmaps
Intel to intro "cut down" Xeons in Q3 Server roadmaps
Intel roadmaps confirm DDR333 move Desktop roadmaps
Intel products shuffle off mortal coils Discontinuation roadmaps
Intel talks Extreme Graphics brands Chipset roadmap

April 2002
Intel Banias causes huge notebook segmentation
Nocona makes appearance on Intel roadmap
Desktop CPU speed ratings in graphics
Prescott, Springdale to have Rambus support
First Banias part to run at 1.40GHz 2003 mobile intros
Madison, Deerfield to launch this time next year 870 changes name
Intel revs up Pentium 4, Willamette-128 intros New pricing
14th April next Intel pricing landmark
Dell joins in anti-AMD hunt

March 2002
Intel updates desktop CPUs Channel Roadmap
Intel's complex desktop chipset plans Channel Roadmap

February 2002
Intel extends server boxed products
Intel on target for P4 2.40GHz, P4 Celerons Dealer Boxed Roadmaps
Intel to intro boxed Pentium 4Ms too Dealer Roadmaps
Intel consolidates chipset, mobo roadmaps in 2002 Dealer Roadmaps

Intel to demo 5GHz non-cooled chip
Intel leaks McKinley pictures
Intel starts proliferating Itanium past enterprise
Intel pushes 533MHz bus into pedestal server mart
Desktop P4 and Celeron introductions
McKinley to enter rack market
Notebook Pentium 4 Ms to launch in April
Intel to hold Pentium 4 prices steady in 2002
Intel to push Pentium 4 over 3GHz this year
Intel readies i845G, ATI enters fray

January 2002
Don't forget Intel mobile cuts
Intel gets aggressive on cache, cash

December 2001
Montara the chipset for value mobile P4s Notebook chip roadmaps
Intel re-orders server segments System management
Intel's server platforms System management
Intel to intro three McKinley flavours Server Roadmap
Pentium 4 desktop plans Prices
Pentium 4 mobile plans reveal Intel moves Boxed
Resellers offered server rack chips Boxed

November 2001
Intel server blade chips extract 20% premium
Intel's 2002 prices: in colour
Pentium III all but disappears Graphics chipsets, SFF chips coming
Intel to manage Northwood prices carefully
Intel to release 533MHz FSB, P4 Celeron early
Intel revisits desktop roadmaps
Intel moves to plug AMD server incursion
Intel's P4 mobiles in Q1 boxed

October 2001
Pentium 4 Celerons to launch at 1.8GHz
Intel confirms 28th October price cuts
Intel goes "balanced mobility" crazy
Pentium 4 notebooks in Q1 next year
Intel signs up MS for big XP Inside programme
Intel to dump Tulloch for Tehama-E
IA-64 Madison has 6MB of L3 cache
Intel Banias details leak
Intel's small form factor thingies


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