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Asus Rampaging, Extremely

Computex 08 Water cooled X48 DDR3 ubermobo
Wed Jun 04 2008, 17:07

FOR THOSE OF US eagerly awaiting a ROG X48 DDR3 mainboard, Asus has, for the first time, showed it here - finally: what was known as " Pinot Noir" at CeBit a few months ago has now officially become Asus ROG Rampage Extreme, most probably their highest-end mobo.

The original codename came from the red and black cooling assembly, consisting of a bunch of aluminum heat sinks with copper bottoms, connected via heat pipes to the main North Bridge cooler with the water cooling-enabled top. All other features are expected to be top notch too - luckily, in these dual-GPU card days, the old oddity of splitting the x16 slots into two x8 pairs with extra bridges is not there any more. Two plain, full x16 v2 slots are just the right combo for those who want dual or quad GPU setups.

You can also see full dual BIOS capability here, so you can switch between, say, initial old BIOS release and the newest one, helping circumvent some commonly-seen troubles.

Here's Asus' Derek Yu, the proud custodian of the ROG mobo line, holding his newest baby:


Oh, and by the way, take a look at the new set of this boards' buttons - they look far more sexy than the previous mobo ones, especially that little, umm, stick.


It reminds us a lot of that ThinkPad TrackPoint, which in turn - size and shape-wise - reminded many of one unique female body 'feature' so to say... And it calls you to, well, "TweakIt". µ


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