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Dell buys Alienware, as predicted

We told you it made snese
Tue Mar 14 2006, 20:28
LOOKS LIKE DELL is actually buying Alienware, I would say it comes as a shock, but then again, I would not protest too loudly if I was accused of knowing when I wrote this story. This has a lot of implications, some minor, some major. Especially for me. I might have to wear a bunny suit with big ears, for crying out loud.

The minor ones are obvious, will Alienware pick up the legendary Dell industrial design and world-class support, or will they continue as a separate entity? Will Mikey Dell become the next Steve Jobs, or is he doomed to stay about as exciting as a rack full of Presslers? Will Alienware dump AMD, or will AMD take hold of Dell through the back door?

The last one is by far the overriding concern of the compute world, not for financial reasons, or anything else, it all has to do with the rabbits. What do you think dear readers? Should an Alienware box with an AMD CPU win the bet for Rahul? Should it be decided on the lines of a 'proper' Dell badge? Should it be the next line of products debuted from either side?

The consequences are mind-boggling. The fate of bunny-suit wearing IT people everywhere hang in the balance, so don't be shy with your opinions, they can and will be taken into account. Either way, don't believe the whispers, Dellienware is a done deal. µ

* INQ writers do not invest in companies what we write about, a bit, or a lot.


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