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Dutch boffin calls RIAA expert 'borderline incompetent'

Mafiaa confronted by Dutch courage
Wed Feb 27 2008, 08:48

ONE OF THE WORLD'S top experts in the science of P2P file sharing has offered his harsh evaluation of the RIAA's so-called expert witness report.

With what can only be described as a good dose of Dutch courage, Delft University's Assistant Professor Johan Pouwelse, dealt a devastating thump on the head to the music industry when he labeled the RIAA's super expert, Dr Doug Jacobson's report as 'borderline incompetent'.

Prof. Pouwelse is the same bloke who stopped the Dutch equivalent of the RIAA dead in their tracks back in 2005. In the UMG v Lindor trial, the RIAA claimed it had carried out its analysis with sophisticatedly advanced equipment and software which, it assured everyone, was never, ever mistaken.

But now, Ms Marie Lindor has decided to fight back with a report drafted by her very own internationally renowned expert witness. In his report, Pouwelse writes that certain procedures that should have been taken to ascertain that a particular computer had been uploading copyrighted works illegally, weren't taken.

And, taking no prisoners, Professor Pouwelse goes on to say that Jacobson, a director at the Iowa State University Information Assurance Center, lacked 'in-depth analysis', 'proper scientific scrutiny' and that his reports were 'factually erroneous' and frequently contradicted his own deposition testimony.

Going for the jugular, Powelse describes the systems and techniques used in the indictment of Ms Lindor as 'overly simplistic', Jacobson's investigative process as 'unprofessional' and his methods 'self-developed', 'unpublished' and unaccepted by the scientific community.

He concludes by giving his expert opinion that Jacobson has shown 'borderline incompetence'.


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