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Blank keyboard hits the market

Zen for the Über Geek
Mon Aug 15 2005, 08:35
A TEXAS company has started peddling a key board for uber geeks which have no letters painted on them.

According to the Metadot web site, the Das Keyboard, was ‘invented' by Daniel Guermeur for no particular reason, which is as good enough a reason as any.

However, since this major breakthrough, Guermeur has started to make claims for the empty keyboard. The first is that it will eventually speed up your typing by zillions of times.

He reasons that if you look down at your fingers, it slows you down. But if you use a blank keyboard, after a while you will stop looking for keys and start touch-typing properly.

In fact this is an old idea. At the Wellington Polytechnic School of Journalism (established 1732) we had a teacher, who had somehow escaped prosecution at Nuremberg, who insisted we put black stickers over our keyboards so that we would learn where the letters were by memory.

Guermeur seems to think that this is the ultimate geek tool. Certainly it will keep colleagues way from your terminal. µ



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