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Bush NASA appointee quits

Non-survival of the fittest
Wed Feb 08 2006, 08:03
THE BLOKE who tried to censor NASA's web page so that it supported the Intelligent Design creed that the Big Bang was only a theory, has quit his job and cleaned his desk out.

George Deutsch, who was appointed to the job of NASA spinner after working so hard on the Bush re-election campaign, got himself into a bit of hot water after telling a top climate scientist that he couldn't speak to the press. The Boffin wanted to spill the beans on the fact that the world was getting a bit warmer.

Bush's current policy is that climate change is not happening and since he talks to God, he knows best. Deutsch told NASA his job was to make the president look good.

However there seem to be other reasons why Deutsch might have quit. He seems to have left on the same day that hacks managed to find out that he didn't graduate as a journalism student at the Texas A&M University as it actually said on his CV.

Officials at Texas A&M told the Times that that Deutsch did attend Texas A&M University but has not completed the requirements for a degree. Deutsch was 'outed' by bogger Nick Anthis, who graduated from Texas A&M last year with a biochemistry degree.

Anthis was all set to pen a rant about how the government was interfering too much with science when someone tipped him off that Deutsch didn't graduate.

Dr Andy Michaud who is a Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives for Florida told the INQ it was wrong that politicians were forcing political agendas upon scientists and technical experts. The local Republican Tom Feeney has even had a pop or two at NASA's artists, he said.

Michaud says he agrees with Republican Teddy Roosevelt that the Civil Service should not be used to promote favouritism based on political beliefs. He said that a lot of NASA staff were good Democrats and were feeling scared about the current wave of interference into their work.

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