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Clarkson for Prime Minister

And on that bombshell...
Thu Aug 21 2008, 09:48

SCOTTISH PRIME MINISTER Gordon Brown's office has had a laugh with an online petition to make Top Gear presenter, and fox killer, Jeremy Clarkson Britain's Prime Minister.

The online petition, with almost 50,000 signatures, caught the attention of a Downing Street staffer, who decided to respond on Youtube.


The un-named staffer made a video which opens with a black and white picture of the outside of 10 Downing Street. Text over the photo reads: "Thanks to the 49,447 people who signed the petition to 'make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister.' You make a compelling case... "

Number 10's door opens and the camera appears to pan up the main staircase, lined with photographs of previous prime ministers before finally resting on one of Clarkson at the top of the stairs.

The picture then fades to black and more text reads: "But on second thoughts... maybe not."

A Downing Street spokesman said the short video had been knocked up in " half-an-hour" by an official working on the Prime Minister's website.

Brown's team thought the petition was a joke and was thrown out because it was not an appropriate issue for a petition.

However one of the petitioners was not amused. One quoted by the Mail, Steve Rowley told the paper: "Do they seriously have nothing better to do with their time and my money! I signed the petition in good faith that they take these things seriously."

No, but then they should have to deal with joke petitions either. Sheesh if that bloke was a vegetable he would be parsnip. Dull, humourless and looks a bit like like a [connection dropped]. µ



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