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9600GT recalled, 9800X2 delayed

More Nvidian release woes
Mon Feb 18 2008, 16:13

IT LOOKS LIKE Nvidia is firing on no cylinders lately. The firm can't seem to get a product out on time. There is one bright spot: the count on the 9600GT delays has gone up by 50 per cent.

That may not be a bright spot, but the so far twice delayed 9600GT, (specs here) appears to have been recalled. Some OEMs are getting the call to yank them, others not yet, or not at the time they talked to us. What this means is more and more delay, this time we are not sure how much though. An educated guess would be CeBIT, because what else are they going to launch there?

Oh yes, we probably should mention that the 9800X2, or whatever they call it, has also moved from CeBIT to the end of March, for now. Before you get all hot and bothered, this is basically a couple of downclocked G92s on 2 PCBs.

It will be decently fast, but it will also be expensive. The cheapest we can find a G92 based GT with 512MB memory is about $210, and a GTS for about $260. That compares to $185 and $210 for the ATI 3850 and 3870 respectively. This means that he NV cards have a premium over the ATI cards at all points.

Toss in that NV can't make them on one PCB, duals are expensive, as are board cut-outs, and you have a huge price premium over the 3870X2. Add in that OEMs hate dual PCB boards, and you are looking at another losing streak in the making. Are we staring down the barrel of another 7950? NV could not show working boards at CES, so, like Hybrid, things are looking grim.

There is a bit of good news though, the 8800GT is going to have a price drop in short order, as sill most of the lower line (8600 and down). We are not sure how much, but look for $10-20. µ


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