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AMD quietly adds faster Athlons, renames chipsets

Athlons 5400+, 5600+ arrive, 5800+ and 6000+ still to come
Tue Dec 12 2006, 12:17
AMD TODAY SILENTLY added two new processors to its price list and officially rebranded former ATI chipsets, as was leaked over a month ago. This is in preparation for its Analyst Day, which is going to be held in just a few days.

The new CPUs come in 5400+ and 5600+ variants, but the clock speed for both is the same: 2.8GHz. The difference is the amount of L2 cache per core. While the 5400+ comes with X2-typical 512KB per core (total: 1MB), the 5600+ comes with 1MB of L2 cache per core (total: 2MB) giving it equal specs to top-of-the-line AM2 CPU, the Athlon 64 FX-62 and the newly introduced FX-72 (the one using Socket 1207FX).

The price of 5400+ and 5600+ (in 1000s) is $485 and $505 US respectively, filling a handy gap gap between 5200+ (currently $403) and the pricey FX-62 ($713).
We were unable to confirm whether these are 65nm or 90nm CPUs at press time, but you could bet that they are top-of-the-line 90nm SOI. The second generation of 65nm will come in Q1'07 and then all the wonders of AMD's latest transistor generation will become standard in 65nm production as well.

Chipset-wise, the company has now officially renamed the Radeon Xpress 1600 and 3200 into 480X CrossFire and 580X CrossFire, and added the products on the Once-Red-Now-Green ATI homepage, featuring the renamed line-up.

AMD also wants to speed up the introduction of its new CPUs. The 5400+ and 5600+ won't be top of the line X2 CPUs for long, since AMD is also readying the 5800+ and 6000+.

Unlike the silent launch of the 5400+/5600+, the launch of 5800+ and 6000+ should feature reviews of the products as well. The Athlon 64 X2 5800+ will work at 3GHz with 512KB of L2 cache per core, while the 6000+ will be Socket AM2 version of the FX-74: 3.0GHz clock and 1MB L2 cache per core.

We haven't heard the last of 2006. Yet. µ


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