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6GB OCZ memory works on Vista 64 bit

Very first INQpression OCZ PC5200 667 2x2GB memory kit arrived
Wed Dec 27 2006, 22:26
I HAVE to say that I am partially responsible for the existence of 2x2GB gaming memory kits. OCZ branded them "Vista" and after a few memory tests and a consultation with a head of the OCZ company, it decided to make 2x2GB memory kits.

We were lucky enough to get the first modules and to play with them. Just hours after FeDEX showed on my doors we had the first 4GB with two modules and later 6GB in enthusiast board boot, but it was not as easy as beans.

2x2GB PC 5200 Vista Platinum edition 667 MHz memory

We had to change three motherboards to find one to work with these modules. The first choice was Nforce 680i EVGA board with the new BIOS and glory. It worked with a single 2GB module and it indicated that the second module was dead. That made us really sad but we didn't want to give up that easily. Well, even that was a success as we managed to boot a machine with four memory slots populated and 5126 MB memory and it worked. We had a Windows "booth" with more than 4GB of memory, which was nice.

2x2GB PC 5200 Vista Platinum edition 667 MHz memory packed

Then we decided to try it on an MSI P965 Platinum board and we could not even get in BIOS, the board didn't want to hang around with this memory. As we overheard that some Intel boards might have addressing limitations and problems to easily address 8 GB memory or 2 GB per slot we decided to move to AMD to try to get the memory to work there. I hope that the BIOS update can make 2x2 GB work on EVGA Nforce 680 board or MSI P965 Platinum board or similar as it would be cool to have Core 2 Duo or Quad with so much memory.

Epox Nforce 570 SLI board was the first one to let us fully experience 2x2GB. Epox MF570 SLI worked from the scratch. We plugged the memory at first 2 GB only and posted, then we plugged the other module and to our surprise the machine booted with 4 GB memory. We seen 4GB before but we had to use 4x1024 MB modules to get that. This time we did it with two memory modules only.

The OCZ 5400 Vista Platinum edition modules are DDR 2 667 modules and we were running them at 5-5-5-15 settings. After we booted at 4 GB we wanted to try to boot with 6GB. We used 2x1GB Flexx PC-9200 memory that we reviewed here. It was to pervert to use Corsair and OCZ together but we tried it and it worked just fine. The 2x2GB memory will scale the Flexx timings down but it works.

We will try to do some benchmarketing with 4 GB or 6GB and vista in the next few days but we al least made it work. We will try to get it work on Intel as well. We've been right about it all along and you can check it here.

Here are the pictures what we did for the last few hours but the bottom line is Epox board did it, great job chaps and OCZ is the first one to get the enthusiast 2 GB modules out. The company also said it will make the faster modules soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Post at 2x2GB the success

Post at 2x2GB + 2x1 GB the 6GB for the first time

2x2GB + 2x1 GB the 6GB scored really well on Vista 64 bit test

2x2GB + 2x1 GB the 6GB scored really well in Sandra XI µ

Reviewed and tested by Sanjin Rados and Fuad Abazovic


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