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MindComet sends blogs to outer space

What would ET think?
Wed Jul 20 2005, 09:59
A US OUTFIT is offering a service that will allow bloggers to beam their online diaries into deep space.

This will mean if there is intelligent life out there, they will be reading the diaries of, um, intelligent life down here. Or, at least, what Fred Blogs, of Mornington Crescent, ate for breakfast and if he thinks Scunthorpe United is a dead cert to win the FA cup.

The Florida-based outfit, called MindComet, said that it is giving bloggers the chance to send a piece of their lives to potentially connect with extraterrestrials. The free service,, will beam web feeds of blogs -- weblogs, or personal Internet diaries -- into deep space via a powerful satellite broadcast.

According to MindComet, the blogs will give aliens a snap shot of average human life. However, there are some limits to what that average human life can do. MindComet does not want to send blogs to the aliens that use swearwords or have risqué or explicit content. A spinner for the outfit didn't say which words would be considered out of order to ET.

It seems that MindComet's vision of an ideal blogger is a mid-western prude dedicated to American family values, which should give aliens a very unusual view of earthlings.

A spinner for MindComet said that it was to avoid interstellar conflict. Certainly it should put them off paying us a visit, why come a million light years for a conversation with someone that dull? More far flung wibble here. µ


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