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PS3 downgraded again

RSX woes this time
Mon Aug 28 2006, 17:43
IT LOOKS LIKE the PS3 is way too powerful for us mere humans, and because the value is so overwhelming, Sony is going to make it a little more palatable. The RSX, previously scheduled to run at 550/700 core/memory has been realigned with expectations and the value chain at 500/650.

We can't tell you why the GPU lost nearly 10% of it's clock, it could be an NVidia screwup, or it could be Sony/Cell. Either way, it just became much less of an overwhelming value, but you get a DRM infected drive for 'free' either way.

As a help to the fanbois who inevitably write in somewhat curious broken englishish every time their precious console gets re-specced in a downward manner, please cut and paste the following. It will save you at least an hour trying to figure out the parts of the keyboard that are not WASD:

You teh sux0r 2 sae teh PS3 is not going to teh r0x0r! Yew lie, yew 360 luvr. U teh sux! U maek thing up, go die!!!1111one!1!!!1 heheheheh

As for Sony, I know your reaction, you are going to start a whispering campaign on the forums like last time. Please give the PR genius who thought that one up a promotion and a raise. It worked so well to cower me that I got more inside sources disgusted with you third rate backstabbing attempts than I got in a year. Please do it again, I didn't take offense last time, and I promise not to this time. µ


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