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AMD's Ruiz accuses Gateway of "being bribed"

We think he doesn't quite mean this
Tue Dec 03 2002, 10:59
AN ARTICLE IN E-WEEK has an interview with AMD's CEO Hector Ruiz in which he suggests that Gateway was "bribed" to stop carrying AMD products in its range of PCs.

That reply came in a question in which Ruiz was asked what he felt about PC vendors that announced they wouldn't use AMD's CPUs in their machines.

The magazine quotes Ruiz saying that if Gateway's CEO Ted Waitt was asked for the real reason his firm had stopped using the AMD chips, he would answer that he was being bribed to do it.

"Bribed" is a harsh word. We think that what Hector means, and perhaps should have said, is that Intel offers attractive prices and discounts to loyal customers and that Gateway, being a business, much like AMD itself, is in a tough and competitive market where a few points on a CPU would make all the difference between profit and loss.

We're sure that's what Hector means. Intel has stacks of marketing money, turns in good profits regularly, and so can, we believe the verb is, "incentivise" companies to use its products rather than any other.

And Gateway, we're sure Hector means, has the freedom to buy CPUs from Intel, AMD, Via, Transmeta or whichever company it wants You can find the full interview here. µ


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