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Wed Jun 06 2007, 10:14
Subject: Non-Relational DBMS not dying...


I work for Microsoft corporation and can tell you based on our current initiatives that non-relational databases are not dying out. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Relational databases are not designed to meet the scalar needs that the next two years will bring to transacational data storage. We are not the only company that is reviewing this strategy.

Too often computer science tries to dismiss past gains due to generation gaps in the workforce. One needs to look no further than the current crop of programmers and engineers that are trying to force everything down the parallel track. This exact situation was encountered during the 1960's resulting in the formulation of Amdahl's Law.

Relational and non-relational both have their place in system architecture which proves too complex a notion for our binary culture.

PLEASE scratch out my email address and name if you decide to do anything with this intel.

Keep up the good work over there at INQ HQ. My only suggestion would be to spell and grammar check before posting your articles.


Subject: Robot built to dance to IPod's riddim

"to dance like Ian Curtis on acid."

Now THERE is a bad mental image.

I've seen the footage of him on Top of the Pops dancing to "She's lost control" and my thoughts were: "Mate, she's not the only one".


Subject: The Internet security business is a big fat con

Yet again, another great article from The Inquirer. Thank you for shining some light on all this bloatware(I'm sure it doesn't end with just internet security firms) that is being pushed upon the end user. Everytime I upgrade, I always feel a little disappointment in my so-called 'performance' gains.

I feel like they(hardware and software vendors) try to sell me a Porsche yet everytime I try that same hill with the new car, they give me the newer engine with more horsepower but keep limiting me to second gear.

Golden Avenger

Subject: Firefox lets kids download porn

I swear to you that right as I read this story, a message window in Firefox popped up saying that the update was downloaded and ready to be installed.

Why won't you Inqlings stay the hell out of my computer?

le timmeh

Subject: foleo nearly gets it

just last week my sister's notebook died, and I struggled to find her some cheap, light, portable device, just powerful enough for her to be able to work on word and connect to the internet, which is all she needs out of a PC

I didn't succeed, and she ended up owning a 2.5kg, coreduo+1GBram, toshiba notebook: absolutely overkill, twice as heavy as it should be, but by far the cheapest gizmo that would do the task

there seems to be a big hole in the market, for a cheap, portable writing machine

the foleo gets close to filling that hole, but it's still twice the price it should be: I can buy a portable dvd player plus a mobile phone for 250eur, so a gadget that basically combines them (and adds a full-size keyboard) souldn't cost more than that

of course playing divx/xvid videos out of SD cards would be a great plus, specially if battery time is kept at over 5 hours, but basic office+wifi with full-size keyboard at 250eur would look like a killer to me

and all the power you need was already there in a Mac Plus...


Subject: Laptop memory upgrade

Sometimes it's worth pulling the lid off. The blurb on my R52 IBM Thinkpad said onboard 512MB, with one empty slot on the underside which will take up to 1GB stick.

If you're brave you can open up the case and you'll find that under the keyboard the onboard 512MB is also a standard memory stick. Mine now has a 1GB stick in the tucked away on-board slot, and the original 512MB in the upgrade slot. Nice and easy for me to pull out and change if I feel the urge for more.


Subject: A billion Earthlings lack clean drinking water

Hi Paul,

we are a puzzling species.

Have you read "The Dispossessed," by Urlula LeGuin? You may like it.

Keep on bringing this industry/species, down to earth.


Haralambos :-)

Subject: FireFox

Nice write up.

Apparently the newest version of FireFox also does not work with the newest Java package. It has dissabled my ability to use Java in FireFox on my Vista x64 system. They do not have a time line on a fix for that either.


Subject: OSRC.

you guys write quite alot stupid stuff about the OSRC. Before you try to write about the guys (uebergeeks) there try to meet these guys by yourself - they're around in Dresden - and for sure I can say that they're the completly unusual Linux geeks you've ever seen. These guys either already have families (at the age of 30y) or are on a good way with their gf :-)

you guys can see more freaks on the street instead of writing geek food like messages about these guys.

M Rechberger

Subject: Water

Check out the 25 gph water distiller at

D Feustel

Subject: Hectors 12.8 Million Nickers

WF Ball's. Is this a success story? Or rather, “How we put a successful, well established company 5.4 BILLION in debt, laid off 430 people, AND collected 40 million between us”. ‘RUINS' and his minions didn't take a hit, did they? It's business as usual of Biblical proportions. Assuming 60 G's a pop, times 430, I come up with 26 million. That's less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the total debt! Probably close to what the ‘clan' paid in Taxes! That showing them guys.

Listen, I run work for my company. They make the bid; my union supplies the manpower, and I order the equipment and materials. I am EXPECTED to cover 10% profit and 10% overhead, at least! Anything more and I'm a hero. Losing money is unthinkable! If I don't MAKE money on my jobs, you could count my time as a Forman with an egg timer. I'm history, toast.

AMD is making 1.3B a quarter. They are spending 1.7B a quarter. That's close to a half a billion a quarter! They DON”T HAVE ENOUGH CASH TO MAKE TO 2Q '08 but the ‘clan' got their pay and will get this years pay, too! And they said INTEL was the Evil Empire? Here in NYC performance is KING. With ‘RUINS' and the clan it's the “perfect storm”, not mismanagement or misjudgment. Now, they are so desperate, they're advertising Core2 laptops on THEIR website!!! Talk about desperation! Holy SHIT! Kids NEED clean drinking water and ‘RUINS' want to sell them laptops! When the creditors EAT the common stock, and AMD reorganizes, the way K-Mart did, I hope they put ‘RUINS' and the gang's heads on 300 mm wafers. Safari my ass.


Subject: Panorama is bad science

I read your publication's articles every day and usually find them to be accurate and amusingly presented.

However, I was disappointed to observe a lack of your usual cynicism and a touch of bias in the article about panorama when you quoted the Guardian's 'bad science' criticism of the anti-WiFi 'experts' without also quoting the opposition's rubbishing [] of Mike Repacholi, the W.H.O. expert, who said there was no health risk.

I hope your normally balanced, but cynical style is soon recovered.

John Martyn.

Subject: AMD's Hector goes on safari

Yeah, that's really smart, hiring some african folk as a publicity stunt while getting rid of people in the UK office. way to go nacho man.


Subject: 360 fails drives


I know the answer. Because they are hitachi hard drives. I never manage to own or sell a working hitachi drive. They all fail soon on later.


Subject: Internet Security Con

I agree completely about the lack of interest from law enforcement. As a white-hat hacker, I've uncovered and supplied the names and addresses of dozens of scammers - including some whose scams took in millions of dollars. Out of all those, the cops only took an interest in one case... and that was a situation where the scammer had plenty of fancy baubles that the cops saw as opportunity to help themselves... as for the victims? Nobody cares about them... except fools like me.


Subject: Hacker stole cash from Carson City

"The treasurer said she is now determined to try to write legislation that could prevent this kind of computer piracy." - that is really amusing, as I have NEVER seen legislation prevent ANYTHING. It can only make laws that punish, and at best hope to deter.


Subject: < a href="">AMD can fab Barcelonas, no probs at all

Hey - Ma cherie - "Henri Richard, senior executive marketing director at AMD, told the INQ: "I usually never comment on rumors but this one is so silly I will break my own rule. There is absolutely no ground to this story."

My homie Henri also was told to tell you that we at AMD don't do paper launches. You reported this very faithfully.

Remember our Tunisia 2900 launch a few weeks ago? Where almost nothing weas launched at that turd world product launch.

I also had Henri "tell" all the analysts at our December 2006 analyst meeting that we were on schedule to meet our Q4 2006 projections. You even reported how Henri smiled and winked to imply that the financials were in the bag. You reported this so cutely - and slyly.

You girls are real sly.

Remember when we reported a $500 million loss a few weeks later? And a $611 Million loss one quarter after that?

Winky wink !!!!

You pimps make me laugh - we could tell you that we deficate gold turds - and you would publish it as the truth.

But, you help me and Henri and Dork Mylar get filthy rich.

Suing and Puking-From-My-Gut And Gestapo Raids At Dawn, Hector

Subject: C Programming dying out

I am an avid reader of the Inq. I check the site several times a day for whats going down in the computer industry. However, I was disappointed to read that article about C doing down the tubes. It confused me greatly, as I don't know where they got their results. The last time I checked the C Programming language was still one of the most popular Programming languages. According to it is Ranked #2 (although I have always been hard pressed to find someone who actually admits to programming in Java). C is still very much alive and that list of top 10 is severely flawed. I would have thought Visual Basic or Ada or FORTRAN or some other language would have been on the list. While it is indeed true that C is an aging language (it is 35 years old!), it is also true that it is also one of the most flexible when it comes to doing any sort of task.

I believe many scripting languages are based off of C code. Lua, Python, PHP, and a couple of others were built using C libraries. Also the linux kernel itself is written in C. C allows for very low-level programming, you can even embed assembler code into your code to fine tune things. You cannot really write a boot-loader in C++ or Java or C#.

This argument is comparative to someone claiming that command-line "console" use is dead. It is simply untrue. Many programs utilize the "console" window for performing certain tasks. Usually simple messages for the user.

I guess all I am trying to say is that C is alive and kicking quite hard. Tens if not Hundreds of Thousands of people still use it.

As a side note: I personally don't like the .NET platform, so I use neither Visual Basic nor C#. Also I have a strong distaste for Java, since I think pure OO is a waste of time in that not everything fits into its own little class!

Have a great day.

J Maxwell

Subject: AMD OSRC

> [...] the 20 or so folk that work there > are now allowed to be counted as members > of the secret fraternity known as the > worldwide AMD research and development > (R&D) network.

Now that you have announced the existence of the AMD R&D network, you will of course have to go back and change the article to refer to the "formerly secret" organization.

Shame on you naughty exposers of secrets.

John D. McCalpin, Ph.D.
Official Cover: Principal Scientist AMD's Torrenza Initiative
Member: Secret AMD R&D Network
Code Name: "Dr. Bandwidth"

Subject: Mac Plus

Hi Nick,

So someone gave good proof that modern bloatware (and particularly Vista) is a pile of junk? That is not so hard...

I used to like late revision of Win95 with Office95 or Win2000 with Office97. They had all functionality I really needed.

So, what would happened if someone installed Win2000 and Office97 on same PC? Or some nice, small Linux distribution?

As we know, no matter how much space you have, unless you ruthlessly remove junk it will fill all available space. Same goes for cardboard boxes or computer files.

And in the end, 68k has been very nice processor and if Apple wasn't so greedy, computing might look very different now...

Oh well...

Mladen M.

Subject: Next Real Player downloads Goo Tube

Congratulations, your article is the 40,000 th. Why I thing there isn't any celebration about this? not as with 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 th article?


Wikipedia, Web 2.0 produce oceans of mediocrity

'nuff said. Could it be he simply wants to piss the entire world off (except for a few self-styled, pseduo intellectuals such as himself) for the sake of a few more sales of his new-ish book?


Yeah, maybe a lot of the web is pretty mediocre (99% of myspace for a start). But, welcome to real life Andrew. Most of it is just that, mediocre.

Pfft. Matthew.

Keen and his like have axes to grind. They are especially popular with those who have most to lose - print journalists, authors, and the music and movie businesses. The fact is that far more valuable content will be created when everyone is free to contribute. True, 99.999% will be mediocre at best - but the remaining 0.001% will exceed conventional media both in quantity and, to some extent, in quality. It's a simple exercise in statistics. The whole "Web 2.0" fuss is based on a misunderstanding born of ignorance anyway: TBL meant the Web to be for everyone right from the outset. It just took 15 years or so to happen. Lastly, I much prefer Wikipedia to Britannica (which should really be called "Americana") even though I lashed out £500 for a print copy of EB back when that was real money. One fact that no one ever seems to mention is that Wikipedia contains far, far more in formation than any conventional encyclopedia. Some of it is unreliable, but almost everything I have ever looked up there has been excellent.



Well that's a big and obvious truth that was waiting to be outed. I'm actually proud at this point to say I don't have a blog, or a Facebook/Myspace/Youtube/Flickr presence. I learned almost a decade ago that if there is anyway someone can misconstrue, screw up, or get wrong something you say, they will do it on the web, and arguing with them is pointless.

One thing I perpetually wonder about is with so many people posting their inner most thoughts on the web, their heartfelt attempts at poetry, and their podcast social commentaries, is when or if they'll realize they're doing the same thing as everyone else. In the rush to carve everyone's little web niche it's resembling more a huge beehive, with each little worker bee making a cell, and all of them looking alike.

As for the increase in mediocrity, this is unsettling. The decline of newspapers, the Britannica, basically people who've been trained and have expertise, means it'll be an endless merry go round of what people think and who said what versus facts. I'd liken the situation to a dozen people arguing about the merits of a book without ever opening or reading it. Knowledge has to start somewhere.


Scott Peterson

The line "great newspapers of the past" is exactly correct. The great newspapers were in the past. You now have media giant newspapers. They don't investigate, they spout opinion.

In the past you had a culture that pushed for lack of bias, now bias is a selling point.

If you want to learn something, you have to do the leg work yourself. Integrity was on the way out WAY before web1.0.

Besides, when the net is a series of pipes, and a judge has used Word but not the web, aren't we already living in a world idiocracy?


Gee, $499 for a Blu-ray player? I wouldn't even pay that $300 for an HD-DVD player. That's just so sick. You can get a good DVD burner for like $50. That's something I'd wait happening for HD players but I guess that will take years...

Sounds to me that your government is corrupt as ours. I guess we don't have total kooks like Hugo Shavez but these crooks should be held to account. Have a great day,


This story had so many typos and was so badly written I could barely understand it. Kind of like most blogs, actually... Very ironic Inquirer, but you really can do better. [We think he means Jock McFrock, Ed.] Hector Ruiz trousered $12.8 million in pay That surely adds fuel to the controversy over executive pay. --Dale


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