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NV 40 will rock at 450 to 550MHz

600MHz is the ultimate goal
Thu Feb 05 2004, 11:32
NVIDIA, THE COMPANY that is helping NASA to visualise data from the Red Planet, is working in rush to be ready with its NV40 for in time for an announcement at the upcoming Cebit. To make their partners happy they will be want to be able to show off some real stuff to the world.

Nvidia simply has to claw back that 0.2 percent from ATI that separates the number two graphics chip maker from the number three (mighty Intel remains in top slot, in case you've forgotten). And all hopes are on its NV40 at this time.

It's still too early to know the exact frequency of the chip, but we do know what Nvidia hopes to reach. The first card that it showed to many loyal people was based on A0 silicon and it was only running at 300MHz, but you could not expect more from such an early bird.

The second revision is expected by the end of this month - if not earlier - and should rock much higher, at 450 to 550MHz we were told. But we understand Nvidia dreams of reaching 600MHz with it. A slightly over-hopeful hope, in our humble view. With semiconductors you simply never know, but Nvidia will sure clock it as high as they possibly can.

We also heard that they might do the same tactic as with NV25 and have three differently clocked versions of the chip and make three cards with different price margins. Does TI4200, 4400 and 4600 ring a bell? We speculate, however.

At any rate, a 550MHz card powered with 750MHz GDDR2 memory with a 256-Bit interface and eight pipelines? This sure sounds to us like an Nvidian comeback in the making. µ


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